A woman’s hair is her biggest asset; it is her crowning glory. The same case is true for men. No one would want to walk around with a dull, dry hair. Everyone would want to have a healthy and beautiful hair that enhances their physical attractiveness. 

However, it is a reality that not all of us were born with beautiful hair. Some people have inherently limp and dry hair while others don’t even have their head full of it. Undeniably, there are those inherent conditions that prevent them from having a head full of beautiful hair.The good news is that healthy, beautiful and long hair is attainable. Most people mistakenly assume that their hair’s growth rate cannot be improved. 

If you want long, healthy and beautiful hair, here are some simple things you need to observe to get there.

Hair should naturally grow long on its own but only to a certain extent. When it gets to this point, the growth rate slows down if not properly maintained. Some factors, which include individual’s biochemistry, nutrition, and split-end damage among other factors, contribute to this. Equipping yourself with the know-how on how to control these factors is important when trying to maintain a healthy and beautiful hair.

Brushing your hair

It is important to keep your hair free of knots that may cause hair breakage. Ideally, you need to brush your hair daily. This keeps your hair in good shape and prevents unwanted wear. However, you should try to avoid or minimize unnecessary handling of your hair as it may increase chances of hair breakage.


Keeping your hair clean makes it look beautiful and attractive. It also significantly improves the health of your hair. Some shampoos are known to improve hair growth rate by keeping your hair strong and healthy. These shampoos can help to moisturize and therefore contribute to better and unhindered hair growth. Some of the best hair growing shampoo in the market is the Shapiro MD shampoo. You can read a Shapiro MD Shampoo Review which online for more information about it.

The best shampoos to use for washing your hair are those that have moisturizing agents and limited or no harsh chemicals.Besides using shampoo to bathe your hair, you can also use botanical and essential oils. They include the olive, jojoba and the sweet almond oils which you can easily get at health food stores. These oils are wonderful elixirs, and they work wonders when used from time to time.

Nutrition and diet

There is no doubt that diet contributes to the health and the beauty of your hair. There are some important vitamins and other nutrients that are essential for maintaining a healthy and long hair. Some people use vitamin supplements to grow long and healthy hair. The essential vitamin supplements can easily be obtained from a local health store. Besides the vitamin supplements, you also need to observe proper diet which helps to nourish the body. Eat proper proportions of proteins, carbohydrates, essential oils, vitamins. Besides, take plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. This also helps to keep your scalp moisturized hence preventing hair breakage.