When it comes to hair extensions, new hairstyles, and wigs, the Brazilian hair has attained a new definition and special status. The Brazilian hair has gained prominence in the recent years, thanks to its comfortable and form-fitting nature enough for decorative purposes.

The hair has become a popular and venerable hair choice for many. And it's easy to see why. Unlike other hairs, this type has unidirectional cuticles. Thus, combing is a ride in the park, while tangling of hair is practically non-existent.

Donning the Brazilian hair is just like having your natural hair. It's thick, shiny and glossy providing an alluring, gorgeous and kick ass guise. In fact, Brazilian hair is completely natural. And, this is supported by the fact that the hair does not undergo any kind/form of chemical processing.

Another reason that has made the hair to dominate and increase traction in the modern society is due to its pragmatism and durability. With the hair, you can engage in any activities including swimming, which is not possible with other kinds. Additionally, with proper care, the hair lasts longer than other hairs. With the Brazilian hair, 7-8 weeks is standard.

If you are trying to achieve a fresher and younger look, Brazilian hair will help you realize your goal. With a myriad of ways to play with the hair, you can now rock and always capture the essence of style, beauty, and splendor.


When it comes to styling your hair, Brazilian hair is versatile at its best. As such, the hair is pretty good for all hairstyles.

One way of playing with the Brazilian is to form the popular curly weaves. Owing to that the hair is excellent at holding curls, be sure to achieve many curly styles. Although maintenance of curls is involving, this is not a deal breaker for thorough washing and use of curl definers will do the trick.

Another easy to install and maintain style using the Brazilian hair is generating new looks by texturizing your bangs, either by side-sweeping the bangs or keeping them straight.

The shorter/medium Brazilian hair weave is another adorable and seductive style. Coupled with tight and tiny curls, this short hairstyle provides a trailblazing and stunning appearance. No wonder it`s the desired hairstyle style for most women.

Other popular styles with the hair include the classical and the longer Brazilian hairstyles.


For most people, caring for hair is the toughest thing to perform. But come to think of it, with proper care and maintenance, you don`t have to visit your stylist often and you also will not have to purchase a weave or extension even before a month comes to an end.

Below are some of the practical tips to use in proper Brazilian hair care and maintenance.

1) Installation This might seem absurd, but it's the first step in your maintenance journey. A properly installed hair extension is not only appealing but easy to maintain. If an extension is not applied correctly, it can lead to straining of the hair making it break or split. In a similar way, a tightly installed extension can damage your natural hair and even your scalp.On the other hand, loosely installed extensions might pull off your natural hair, causing the extension to be short-lived.

2) Washing Washing should be done regularly; at least once or twice a week.The guide below will show you how to do it.-Divide your hair into two sections, from the middle of your forehead to the middle of your nape.

-Using a paddle brush, gently and meticulously detangle all the knots on the Brazilian weave. Alternatively, you can massage gently with the top of your fingers.

-Using warm water, wet your hair from the top to the edges of the weave
-When the extension is wet enough, you can apply powder shampoo if you happen to have an oily scalp. This help in the absorption of excessive oil and cleaning the weave and extension thoroughly. You can also apply mild moisturizing shampoo in a downward motion. Rinse, and repeat the process and ensure no traces of shampoo are left.

-Apply your favorite conditioner in a similar way and leave the conditioner for 15-20 minutes before rinsing.

-Time to dry your hair. You can use a blow dryer, use a thick towel or sit under the sun.


When it comes to pricing always, remember that quality comes at a cost. Quality, authentic Brazilian weaves are not cheap. If you happen to stumble across suppliers that are offering the extension at very low prices, you should tread with a lot of care. It's either the weave is not a genuine Brazilian hair, it's defective or its low quality. With a lot of suppliers in the market, you should look for one that offers authentic and quality Brazilian weaves at relatively fair prices. With the availability of the internet, you can just search for the reviews of a supplier in question to have a glimpse of them. Reviews posted on the internet provide firsthand information about the supplier.