Whiter teeth give many of us more confidence and help us feel better about the way we look and also our smile. There are a number of ways to get healthy, white teeth and we’ve compiled some of the best below.

1.  Follow a White-Teeth Diet

Everything that you put into your mouth ends up showing up on your teeth.  If you smoke cigarettes or drink lots of black tea or red wine, the results will most likely be showing up on your not-so-white teeth soon.  Other culprits include dark juices, gravies and colas.  The bottom line is that anything dark will most likely stain your teeth.  The first step is to immediately brush your teeth after consuming any food that stains. The second step is to use an effective bleaching agent on a regular basis that your dentist provides you with.  The third step is to be conscious of tooth-staining drinks and beverages, and only consume them when you have a toothbrush handy. Here is a good article on the issue.

2.  Hum While You Are Brushing Your Teeth

To brush your teeth fully, you should allow two minutes at least: It takes that long to get all of that bacteria-packed plaque of of your teeth.  Keep a timer in your bathroom or use your watch and set the alarm for two minutes.  Or come up with a song that is at least two minutes long and keep humming until you get to the end of the song!

3.  Hold Your Toothbrush The Way You Do A Pencil

If your toothbrush looks like you have used it for cleaning your car, then you most likely are brushing too hard.  Despite what many people might think, brushing hard isn't the best method for removing plaque.  The best thing to do is put your toothbrush in a 45-degree angle so it is resting against your gums.  Then move the toothbrush gently in a circular motion, instead of a back-and-forth one.  Hold your toothbrush the way you hold a pencil, so you don't end up scrubbing too hard.   

4.  Drink Tea On A Daily Basis

The flavonoids in tea and other foods, along with other ingredients appear to prevent harmful bacteria from being able to stick to your teeth.  In addition they block the kind of sugar that leads to cavities from being produced.  There is high levels of fluoride in tea as well.

5. See your Dentist

Dentists are there to help you if you wish to brighten your teeth and can offer you a professional service, which offers results quickly and easily. So, if you want a quick result then contact a teeth whitening dentist for more details.

6.  Replace Your Toothbrush On A Regular Basis

Throw your toothbrush away or change the head on your electric toothbrush around every two or three months.  If you don't, you will just end up transferring bacteria into your mouth.