Many of us suffer with acne and breakouts when we are teenagers. But while many of us grow out of it, some women find their breakouts are still occurring well into their 20’s and 30’s. It’s been scientifically proven that up to 50% of women experience varying levels of adult acne at some point in their lives.

There are a number of reasons why this occurs, from high-stress levels to hormonal changes. Persistent acne can cause low self-esteem and social anxiety. As well as making the suffered highly self-conscious of their appearance. Thankfully there are a number of techniques that can treat acne and make you feel great about your healthy looking skin. So if you are currently experiencing adult acne don’t despair! Here are some methods you can try to combat your adult acne and make your confidence sky high.


The primary goal of treating acne is to heal your current spots and blemishes and reduce the risk of new breakouts occurring. It should also prevent scarring and give your skin a smoother appearance. To get your skin looking better than ever, you need to commit to the suggestions listed below and be patient enough to see them through. None of them will get rid of your acne and stop your breakouts overnight, but over time, they will decrease.

Cleanse and exfoliate your skin

We all know how important a good skincare regime is. It’s essential to get rid of dirt, oil, sweat and makeup that have clogged up out pores throughout the day. If you don’t bother cleaning your skin twice a day, your blocked pores will turn into spots, blackheads, and blemishes. These will then only get worse due to lack of cleansing and exfoliating. You may be put off washing your face thoroughly each day because it could irritate your acne and cause further breakouts. This can understandably be very embarrassing but just means that maybe you are using the wrong product for your skin. You need to wash your face in gentle circular motions using a cleanser that is non-comedogenic. This means it been designed to unclog pores. You should do twice a day in the morning and evening.

You also need to make sure that you exfoliate at least once a week to get rid of dead skin cells and to further clean your pores. Try one that contains alpha-hydroxy acids for better results. Again, use gentle circular movements and avoid sensitive areas such as your eyes and mouth. Once complete, wash off and pat dry with a towel.Vigorous rubbing with your hands or a towel could make your acne’s appearance seem worse.


Acid peel

Acid peels are a combination of chemicals that are applied directly onto the skin. This causes the skin to exfoliate itself and peel off. As with most treatments of this kind, they come in varying strengths depending on the severity of your adult acne. Dermatologists can administer acid peels with concentrations of up to 70% whereas spas and salon can only offer peels with a 30% strength. The price of these treatments depends on how high a strength you have and the establishment it is carried out in. It’s recommended that you have a peel once every few weeks to get the best results possible. So you need to make sure you are financially able to commit to this treatment. Skin experts have discovered that acne can be reduced by 50% after just 4-6 peels. But stopping the treatment can cause your acne to return after some time.

If you cannot afford to have these peels done by your dermatologist or at a salon, you can also do this treatment at home. You can try Platinum Skin Care - 30% TCA Peel that is more budget friendly and easy to apply yourself. You just need to make sure you read all of the instructions carefully and use responsibly. Acid peels are fantastic if you want to achieve a smoother and clearer complexion. But they can also make your skin vulnerable to sun damage and cause some initial redness and irritation. You will also need to be patient while you wait for your skin to peel completely. So do plenty of research into the differing kinds of peels to find the best one for you.

Change your diet

It might seem like a strange suggestion, but your diet has a huge influence on your skin. Some cases of adult acne have been attributed to diet and the lack of certain vitamins and nutrients. So to get you started, try to drink more water each day. This is one of the simplest but most efficient way of improving the condition of your skin’s surface. This is because water can unclog pores and flush out toxins from your body. So get into the habit of drinking plenty of it.

Nutritionists have found that people who eat lots of refined carbohydrates and sugary foods are more likely to develop acne. Eating too much sugar or having excessive carbohydrates can raise your blood glucose levels. This can produce insulin in your blood which can increase the activity in your oil glands. This will then increase your chances of continual breakouts. So to make a positive change to your diet cut out foods such as white rice, white bread, and sugary snacks. Replace these with whole grain foods such as oatmeal and brown rice and include plenty of fruit and vegetables too. Doing this should not only reduce the amount of outbreaks you have, but also improve your health overall. So start looking for healthy recipes that don’t include whole grain or sugary ingredients. You’ll begin to see a reduction in your acne, and you’ll also feel more energetic and healthier as a result.


Please remember that everyone’s skin is different and will react to these methods and techniques in varying ways. So don’t feel discouraged if your skin looks red and irritated after trying them. These are your best chances of getting healthy and vibrant looking skin that’s acne free. Be patient and don’t let it get you down.