Winter can be hell on your skin. You might not know it, but both the weather outside and conditions inside can affect your skin. We turn up the heat in our homes and offices, which can dry out our skin in a big way. So you have to take extra special care of your skin when it's colder.

If you don't, it could end up dry, cracked and perhaps even sore. According to a plastic surgeon in Gilbert AZ - Plenty of moisturizing is usually the first thing people start with. But there's more to it than that, and you can use lots of tricks to look after your skin. Here are some of the things you need to do to protect it.


Winter will make your skin in lots of ways. You might be outside in the freezing wind or inside in a dry, warm room. Perhaps you're showering a lot after skiing all day on your vacation too. You probably already moisturize a lot, but you should step up your regime for winter. Some experts recommend that you should find an ointment-based moisturizer. It will help to protect your skin, and not just keep it hydrated. Pay particular attention to your face and hands, and other bits that are exposed to the elements.

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Lighten Blemishes

If you have any dark blemishes, winter isn't going to make them any worse. But it is a great time to address them. You can work on getting them to fade while you're mostly covered up and they might look lighter by spring and summer. If you have any marks you don't like, you can try a product like Meladerm skin lightening cream. It will help to adjust darker pigmentation to make your skin more even. It contains vitamin C and K, as well as other natural ingredients.

Sun Protection

Most people wear sunscreen in the summer, but you might need it during winter too. If you get a lot of summer sun, it could still damage your skin. And anywhere that gets snow will also have the added factor of the glare. It's important to consider wearing sunscreen in the colder months too. Even on days when it's overcast, the sun behind a cloud could still be affecting you. Try using sunscreen on your hands and face, and get an SPF lip balm too. You could also get a moisturizer with added sun protection factor.

Stay Dry

Obviously, you don't want to be too dry. But winter can be wet with rain and snow a lot of the time. Try to keep your socks and gloves dry so that they don't affect your hands and feet. Wear waterproof shoes when you go out, and dry your feet as soon as you can if they get wet. You could end up with dry, cracked skin, sores or perhaps eczema if you aren't careful. It's even possible to get trench foot!

Make sure you take care of your skin while the weather is cold. Your body will thank you for it when spring arrives.