We love discovering new ways to apply better makeup. Everybody wants to look like the girls in photo shoots - but those girls are heavily made up and get an extra Photoshopped airbrushed treatment after!

Nevertheless, there are ways to achieve flawless makeup with these beauty hacks:

Turn your regular pencil liner into gel liner

All you need is a kohl pencil liner and a small flame. Burn the tip of the kohl pencil for a second and let it cool for 15. It creates a beautiful, dark smudge like a gel liner would.

A white eyeshadow base makes colors POP!

Before you put on any eyeshadow, cover your entire lid in a white eyeshadow as this makes the rest of the colors pop on your eyelids!

Cover up dark circles with lines, not dots!

Swipe concealer from the corner of your eye down, in a sort of triangular shape, instead of dotting it in. It will give your eye more of a lift!

Best way to get lipstick off your teeth

The easiest way to avoid this is by sticking your finger in your mouth and pull it out. The excess lipstick will stick to your finger and not your teeth and won't leave a fine dust like tissue paper will.

Set your lipstick this way

Apply your lipstick, then take a piece of tissue paper and cover your mouth with it. Gently powder on some translucent powder on it so it will last all day or night!

Make your lips pucker up with this

Instead of spending heaps on lip glosses that "sting" your lips into a seductive pout, make your own! All you need is your favorite lip gloss and peppermint oil.

False eyelash hack only involves powder

Coat your eyelashes with mascara and before it dries take a Q-tip covered in baby powder and dab it on your lashes. The baby powder will cling on and act as little extensions. Cover it with another layer of mascara. Do this two or three times!

Apply lip liner perfectly following these steps...

Get rid of split ends on your own!

Divide your hair into 4 equal parts and twist your hair, snip off the split ends you see!

Quick and easy top bun

Contour like a makeup artist with these areas of the face

Get the perfect winged eyeliner

When going for a dramatic winged look, draw the outline of the shape, and then fill it in.

The perfect French manicure

Use a wide-bodied rubber band to get the perfect french manicure done at home!

Use a business card to apply mascara perfectly

In order to get the mascara right down to the base of your lashes, use a business card to pull your lid up so you can reach the very bottom.

Eye liner as eyeshadow for long-lasting eye makeup!

Are you tired of your eyeshadow looking absolutely horrible by the end of the night because it's rubbed off and has ended up on places it shouldn't (like your cheek!). This method uses eye liner and cross hatches it onto the eye lids. Smudge it until it looks like eyeshadow and you've got yourself a smudge-proof, budge-proof "eyeshadow"!

Get luscious and full 3D lips by dabbing on pale eyeshadow

Apply your lipstick and then dab on frosted powder on your bottom lip and a bit on the middle of your top lip. The light reflects off it and creates a highlight, giving the effect of fuller, more luscious lips.

Learn the "Hot Spots" for perfume so it lasts all day!

Apply a neutral eyeshadow base like MAC Soft Ochre

Apply a coat on over your eyeshadow primer, which will give you a more professional look once you start applying the color.

Check your makeup once you get in the car

Before you drive off, of course! This is because you'll have a different light source, so it'll expose any inconsistencies.

Use two brushes for a smoky eye look

One for applying, and one for cleaning. This prevents a muddy look from happening.

Don't PUMP your mascara wand

It dries out the product by adding air into the tube.