1. Teach him to "NO-GO-TELL" if he feels threatened : say NO, GO quickly to a trusted adult and TELL them.
  2. Emphasize that he should never get into someone's car unless a parent or teacher agrees first and that adults, especially ones in cars, never need help from children.
  3. Tell him never open the front door if you're not there.
  4. Always accompany her in public lavatories.
  5. Have a secret code word that only the 2 of you know. If an adult tries to collect him from school without using it, he'll know to get help.
  6. Have a plan in case she gets lost, e.g. stay where you last saw each other.
  7. Unplug your home phone ans show him how to ring the emergency number.
  8. Give her a card with your name, address and phone number on it. If she is very small, sew it into her jacket.