Keyless entry is a feature that gives you the chance to unlock your vehicle without putting your key into the door. If a car does require a key for access, you’d have to manually put the key into the door and then turn it. Using a key this way can be tough if you are in a dark location. Since cars that have keyless entry do away with any need for key insertion, vehicle access is not only safer at night, it’s also way easier in areas that have a lot of snow and ice.

How does Keyless Entry Work?

When it comes to keyless entry, it’s important to know that vehicle access is done by a key fob. Normally, the fob will contain a chip. This will identify a radio signal that’s sent by the vehicle. One important thing to know is that signals like this can only travel for a few feet at a time. As you enter, or exit the car, the vehicle will send a radio signal right to the key fob. The fob will then respond by relaying a code to the vehicle. The vehicle will recognise this code and then lock the car or the doors accordingly. If you need a replacement car key fob then this is very easy to obtain, if you go through an online service. 
Keyless Entry Doesn’t Always need a Fob 

One thing to take note of is that keyless entry isn’t fob-based all the time. A handful of car makers, including Hyundai and Tesla, offer keyless entry that gives you the chance to lock and unlock your car by using an app. You can download this to your smartphone with ease. Some of these systems will use your phone as a way to send a signal directly to your car, in the same way that key fobs do. Others use the internet so that the data can be sent accordingly, from the car to your mobile device.

Keyless Entry Feature Breakdown

Keyless entry comes in several different formats. Each option comes with its own set of features. One of the oldest versions that this kind of technology allows for is the option to lock or unlock your car by using the key fob. Some features of keyless entry are only activated when you touch the door handle. This is a touch-activated system and it works when physical contact is made. You don’t need to tap the key fob or touch the door to activate this kind of tech. 

With that in mind, you do need to have the key fob in your purse, or your pocket to use it. The most cutting-edge form of keyless entry doesn’t need a key fob at all. You can do it all via an app and you can also give other drivers the option to unlock your car by using a fob. This is great, to say the least as your car can remember people for easy access.

All in all, it’s never been easier for you to access your car and you would be surprised at how far key fobs have come over the years.