The new Maruti Suzuki Fronx distinguishes itself with a two engine option: a 1.0-liter turbo-petrol Boosterjet and a 1.2-liter naturally aspirated petrol, both incorporating Maruti's mild-hybrid technology. The turbo-petrol produces 100hp and 147.6Nm, while the NA engine retains 90hp and 113Nm. 

The 1.2 NA engine is offered in Sigma, Delta, and Delta+ trims with a standard manual gearbox and optional AMT in Delta and Delta+. The 1.0 turbo engine is available in Delta+, Zeta, and Alpha trims with a standard manual gearbox, and Zeta and Alpha offer an AT option. The Maruti Suzuki Fronx price ranges from 7.47 Lakh - Rs. 13.14 Lakhs.

Design & Styling

Adhering to Nexa's "Crafted Futurism" design philosophy, the car presents an appealing appearance that truly comes to life. Its physical presence draws inspiration from the Grand Vitara at the front and carries a subtle hint of the Baleno on the sides. 
The vehicle boasts an impressive radiator grille, accented by black cladding on the wheel arches and sides, accompanied by silver skid plates and roof rails. The vehicle's proportions are thoughtfully balanced, and the incorporation of chrome elements is tastefully understated.
With its distinctively sharp creases, the Maruti Suzuki Fronx exudes a sculpted and dynamic appearance. Noteworthy exterior highlights encompass LED multi-reflector headlamps, connected by a light bar to the LED tail lamps, along with LED DRLs and stylish 16" alloy wheels. The vehicle's color palette includes six single-tone options: Earthen Brown, Nexa Blue (featured on our test car), and Grandeur Grey.

Build Quality, Fit & Finish

The car is manufactured on the Heartect platform, which it shares with several other Maruti models. While the bonnet and tailgate possess some substantial weight, the car's doors exhibit a lighter feel. Nonetheless, the car maintains a sturdy demeanor without any flimsiness. 

Body panels and doors showcase minimal flex, contributing to a well-constructed sensation. A notable observation is that unlike many Maruti counterparts, known for their lightweight design compared to rivals, the vehicle aligns its weight with cars like the Tata Punch and Nissan Magnite. Its kerb weight spans from 965 kg to 1,060 kg. Tight and uniform body panel gaps enhance the overall appearance, underscored by commendable fit and finish levels. 

Ground Clearance

On paper, the Maruti Suzuki Fronx boasts a commendable unladen ground clearance of 190 mm, aligning with the Tata Punch's measurement. This figure proves ample to navigate varied Indian road conditions. For context, the Citroen C3 maintains a ground clearance of 180 mm.

Details regarding the standard and extended warranty plans for the car will be disclosed during its launch. Generally, Maruti vehicles come with a standard warranty of 2 years or 40,000 km. The option for extended warranty typically extends up to 5 years or 1,00,000 km. It's anticipated that similar warranty options will be available for it as well.

Key Takeaways

The Suzuki Fronz introduces a new era in automotive innovation with a focus on efficiency and affordability.
Impressive pickup capabilities and the competitive Maruti Suzuki Fronx price go beyond expectations, pleasantly surprising enthusiasts and customers alike.
Maruti's pervasive engine technology, known for world-class quality, aids in cost reduction and economic advantages.