Most Honda dirt bike riders think of their rides as extensions of their personalities, so it should come as no surprise that they want to show both of them off. Custom Honda graphics kits offer a perfect opportunity to do just that, but only if riders find the right decals. This article will offer all of the information and advice required to find a perfect fit.

Why Buy Honda Graphics?

The first thing riders need to consider is whether it's worth buying a custom graphics kit, to begin with. For most people, the answer is a definitive yes. Installing custom graphics will make a bike look cooler, give its rider confidence, and even protect exposed plastic from the sun. Plus, the selection of Honda CRF 70 graphics available is growing all the time, which means it's easy for riders to find kits that suit their personalities.

The Importance of a Perfect Fit

Finding the perfect fit isn't just about choosing graphics that look cool. Novice riders don't always realize this, but every custom graphics kit is designed for a different make and model of bike. A kit that fits a CRF 70 won't fit a 450R, and an improper fit will either cause graphics to extend too far, forcing riders to cut them off and leaving them looking unprofessional or leave plastic exposed.

The good news is that good graphics manufacturers cover all their bases. Most riders have no trouble finding kits that fit their bikes, and most graphics are available for a large range of Honda dirt bikes. Ordering online means that riders can browse a company's full selection, choose a kit that fits their bike to a T, then place an order and have it delivered right to their doors.

How to Make Sure the Decals Fit Properly

Everyone makes mistakes, and dirt bike owners occasionally order graphics kits that don't fit their bikes. When that happens, sellers are usually happy to exchange them, but only if the decals haven't been removed from their backings yet. That's why riders need to take the time to check each decal for fit before applying any of them.

When the graphics arrive, take them out of the box and lay them out according to where they go on the bike. Hold each of them up to the plastic and place them as though they were about to be applied. They should fit perfectly, covering the component without any excess hanging over the edge. If that's not the case, contact the seller to find out what to do.

When to Change Dirt Bike Graphics

Reputable manufacturers make high-quality decals that will last for years if they are properly applied. However, riders may want to change out their graphics more often than that. There's no such thing as a bad reason to switch out a graphics kit, so don't be afraid to experiment, follow the latest trends, or make changes according to personal preference.

The Importance of Quality

Whether riders are investing in their first Honda dirt bike graphics kits or they're changing up their look for the fourth time this year doesn't matter. Buying high-quality graphics should always be a top priority. Buying from vendors that sell quality products means always getting a perfect fit and having decals that will look great for as long as riders want to leave them in place.