Trucks today are built much differently than they were in the past. Today’s trucks are not only safer and more fuel efficient, but they also offer more than previous generations of pickup trucks ever could. Here are a few ways that today’s trucks go beyond classic pickup needs. 

Credit: Gustavo Fring Via Pexels

More Power than Ever Before
You might think that the technology to make a pickup truck any better than it has already become couldn’t get any better. Still, year after year, pickup truck manufacturers surprise us all by increasing the capabilities of your favourite pickups. 

One of the most common features of the pickup truck that engineers are still improving is its primary function as a weight-hauling powerhouse. As surprising as it might seem, today’s trucks are built to haul more than most other trucks throughout the history of vehicle-making. You can discover just one classic example when you buy a new 2022 Dodge Ram 1500, which can now tow up to 12,750 pounds behind it.

Acceleration Torque
As in the case of towing power, pickup trucks today are built to accelerate to top speeds faster than they ever could in the past. Next time you’re behind the wheel of a new pickup truck, you should test out how fast it can accelerate from zero to sixty – even when carrying a heavy load.

The Use of Composite Materials
In today’s vehicle design, composite materials are used left, right, and center. Almost everywhere you look, you’ll find pieces of trucks, cars, boats and planes replaced with alternatives made of composite materials like carbon fibre. 
The reason for this is that carbon fibre is lighter while remaining highly durable. As such, the use of composites is one of the reasons why your truck is so much more impressive than one manufactured ten or twenty years ago. 

Blind Spot Monitoring
Today’s trucks are safer than ever as well. The use of composite materials helps to ensure that trucks can withstand more damage, protecting drivers and passengers more than was previously possible. Likewise, features like rear-view cameras and blind spot monitoring allow drivers to see more and be aware of problems long before they might come into view.

Fuel Efficiency
With all of the additions to today’s pickup trucks, especially regarding torque and power, you wouldn’t think it would be possible to achieve better fuel economy. The reality is that almost all of today’s trucks perform better on less fuel than has even been possible. 

Given the soaring price of gas, better fuel economy is one of the traits that truck buyers want the most in a new truck. The people have spoken, and the pickup designers have answered with miraculous fuel efficiency in the latest trucks.
With all of the latest benefits you can find in a new RAM 1500, it is hard to even think about owning another kind of vehicle. Visit your RAM dealer today to learn more about what’s available in the newest pickup trucks. 

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