The transmission is an important component of a car no matter the vehicle type that you have. It plays a crucial role in engaging the engine and it’s also what transfers the power of the engine to the wheels so that the vehicle can move forward.

The transmission, together with the verteilergetriebe, is what makes a car a car. It is also what enables it to push forward.  Keeping your transmission system in top shape is, therefore, incredibly important. Fortunately, one way to do this is to ensure you change transmission fluid at the right time and this will save you from making frequent trips to an automatikgetriebe reparatur shop. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about transmission fluids. 

What is transmission fluid?

You cannot talk about the important roles that a transmission system plays without mentioning the transmission fluid. It is an integral part of the operations and overall performance of the transmission system. Transmission fluid lubricates mechanical parts, maintains cooling, fluid pressure, prevents oxidation, and prevents rust. 

In the same way, your vehicle wouldn’t run in the absence of a quality transmission system, the same is true if the transmission fluid is not correct. 

Although not a strictly monthly service, it is important to check your transmission fluid routinely. This prevents a situation where you operate your transmission when it does not have sufficient fluid. Based on your driving habits and the type of vehicle you have, a good automatikgetriebe reparatur shop should easily help you identify the best schedule. 

Which Type of Transmission Fluid Should I Use?

The transmission fluid is important in many ways for the smooth operation of your car. For that reason, you must always check your owner’s manual doubly to ensure you have the most precise details about the transmission fluid type your car requires.

Just like engine oil, your transmission fluid can be in synthetic and regular blends. The majority of new cars use synthetic fluids in their transmissions. This explains why you should stick to the specific transmission fluid that your manufacturer recommended. This way, you can be sure that your transmission receives precisely what it needs. Your fluid should offer the best cooling, protection, and lubrication for the specific model and make of your car. 

When is the best time to change transmission fluid?

Checking your owner’s manual is the easiest method to know the exact time to change the transmission fluid of your car. In general, most manufacturers recommend that you change your transmission fluid after 30,000-60,000 miles. But you should replace your transmission fluid more often if you are harsh on your transmission or tend to tow more often. 

What is a Transmission Flush?

When your mechanic tells you that they need to do a transmission flush, it means they will remove all the fluid, debris, and gunk from the transmission of your vehicle. After flushing the transmission fluid completely out of the car’s system, it is then replaced with fresh and brand-new transmission fluid. The main difference between changing the transmission fluid and flushing it is that, whereas a transmission fluid change replaces just 50% of the fluid, flushing it out removes 100% of the transmission fluid of your car. Also, flushing takes only a few hours to be completed and guarantees that you have a transmission system that functions at its peak. Experts recommend that you do a complete transmission flush at least once in 3-5 years. 

How do I tell When My Transmission Fluid is Low?

It doesn’t matter whether the leak is from a faulty verteilergetriebe or not. If you have any reason to believe that your vehicle is low on transmission fluid, you should take these very seriously. This way, your car will operate properly when it hits the road, avoiding further damage to the transmission system. 

The signs for low transmission fluid are many and varied. They include dropping levels when you do a routine check and problems with the transmission. A more obvious cause of declining transmission fluid levels are leaks in the transmission system. You want to check the verteilergetriebe and the driveshaft as they tend to be the most likely places for leaks to occur. 

What are the other transmission leaks signs? 

Delay in Acceleration

In a properly working transmission system, the gear shifts in the car will work extremely easily. It will be so smooth you can barely feel it. That’s why you should be worried by the slightest delay in your car’s acceleration when you step on the gas pedal. It is the clearest sign yet that you need to take your transmission for checking. Low fluid levels may also be characterized by humming and grinding noises. 

Transmission is Very Hot

Transmissions perform a lot of work that may make it hot. While it is okay for it to have some heat, you should be worried by extreme heat as it may point to a leak. Without enough amount of transmission fluid, it is very easy for it to overheat. Keeping an eye on the temperature gauge of your car will help you know if you have low transmission fluid.

Check for Leaks

A transmission leak, like any other leak that may be in your vehicle, should never be taken lightly. Check for dark spots where you usually park as these are indicative of leaks. Should you notice any leakage signs, make sure you check the levels of your transmission fluid and contact an automatikgetriebe reparatur shop immediately. 

Check Your Dipstick

Perform a prompt check of the transmission fluid using your dipstick immediately you suspect a change in drivability. 


The transmission fluid is the liquid that lubricates your car’s transmission and keeps everything working like clockwork. Unfortunately, most car owners have very limited understanding of what it is, how often it should be replaced, and how to check for low levels of this important liquid. Fortunately, we have explained everything you need to know about the transmission fluid of your car. 

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