Although everyone knows eighteen-wheelers are massive commercial vehicles, many do not understand the sheer weight of these trucks. A fully loaded eighteen-wheeler can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. Because of their size and weight, eighteen-wheelers can cause massive damages and injuries when involved in a crash. Smaller vehicles simply have no chance against the massive weight of a large truck. Injured truck accident victims need to consider their options for seeking legal help from an attorney. 

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Multiple reasons can lead to truck accidents. When a truck accident occurs, injured victims need to be aware of how they can get help from The Bruning Law Firm. The following offers information on the common reasons truck accidents occur. 

Distracted driving is a primary reason many truck accidents occur. 
Drivers who are fatigued cause many truck accidents
Dangerous road conditions and a lack of proper driver reaction also cause truck accidents. 
Truck drivers who speed are more likely to cause an accident. 
Inexperienced truck drivers also cause many accidents. 

When a large truck collides with a much smaller vehicle, catastrophic injuries will often occur. Injured victims need to make sure they seek immediate medical attention no matter how minor or severe their injuries seem. Shock will often cover up the signs of serious injuries after a truck accident. 

Should an Injured Truck Accident Victim Hire an Attorney?

The aftermath of a serious truck accident is highly stressful for victims. A person may not know anything about their rights or the steps they can take to file a claim with the insurance company. 

One of the first decisions a person will need to make is whether they will hire an attorney. While it is not always necessary for an injured victim to seek legal help, it is wise to at least consult with an attorney. An attorney offers integral information that will assist an injured victim in making the right decisions as they pursue fair compensation. 

Hiring an attorney offers great peace of mind for a truck accident victim. No injured victim should be forced to deal with the insurance company and the process of filing a claim alone. When an attorney is hired, they take over all the steps involved in the process, even if the claim ends up going to court. 

How to Get Started

The first step a person will need to take after a serious truck accident is to inform their insurance company and file a claim with the at-fault driver's insurance company. Next, the injured victim should schedule a consultation appointment with an attorney. This appointment should be scheduled, even if the injured victim does not envision having problems with the claims process. 

Many personal injury attorneys offer free consultation appointments for injured victims. Even if the victim decides they do not need an attorney, the advice and guidance received from the attorney can be very helpful for the victim as they go through the process of pursuing compensation for their injuries and damages. 

Discover Further Information

When a serious truck accident occurs, injured victims need answers to their questions. They need sound legal advice that will help them pursue the compensation they are owed for their injuries and damages. It is important injured victims act quickly. The statute of limitations is running out. Now is the time to get legal help for an accident.