There are plenty of reasons to consider an electric bike for your next cycle purchase. If you're thinking about buying an e-bike, here are five features that make it a great choice:

1. Saves Money
Fuel prices continue to rise, and electric bikes are the perfect solution. Whether you own a car or do not live in an area where public transportation is readily available, an electric bike will save you lots of money. Electric bikes can fully charge within 4 hours, which doubles as a night-time charging method. On the other hand, some electric bikes can run up to 80 km after 1 hour of full charging.

2. Several levels of assistance
Some models of electric bikes give you the option to set how much assistance you want, making it easy for anyone - young, old, healthy, or not - to ride one. If biking isn't your thing, opt for a traditional bike with motor or pedal assistance.

With some bikes, you can set the wattage on the electric motor to help you get up hills or over longer distances. It is called 'throttle mode' and will require no pedaling by the rider. If you are looking for more of an adrenaline rush, why not go for a bike with both motor and throttle modes? The latest bikes are equipped with GPS systems, making it easier to track your bike activity and bike history. 

Some apps allow you to turn the chair on your bike into a speaker too. If dancing is up to your street, this feature will be great for putting on some music while you ride. Most electric bikes allow the user to choose the amount of pedal assistance they want, so if you live in a hilly area or plan on taking long bike rides, you can use as much (or as little) pedal power as is necessary. With the electric motor, almost anyone can enjoy an active ride without feeling tired.

However, not all electric bikes are designed the same. Some are more suited for young children or older people with limited abilities. Others are meant to make riding fun for everyone or allow you to commute without the expense of a car. When choosing an e-bike, it's also important to consider your own body and its needs. Some people may want a heavy, stable bicycle, while others prefer a lighter and more agile model.

If you're on the larger side, you would likely do well to invest in an electric bike that can support more weight than your typical muscle-powered e-bike will be able to handle. And vice versa, if you're small, it might be worth looking into a lighter bike that can still support your weight. Many manufacturers, such as Stealth and Riese & Muller, sell smaller bikes designed to be light and nimble.

3. Good Range
The range that an electric bike offers is quite high compared to traditional bikes because of the lack of physical exertion required to propel it forward. Thus riders can go anywhere within a predefined radius on an electric bike without any problem. However, this range is again limited by the rider's ability to pedal for longer at one stretch. If you want your bike to take you further than that, you will need extra batteries, which means additional cost and weight. This problem has been solved beautifully in an eBike concept called "Tailwind," which allows you to pedal your bike without any assistance from the motor, thus making it a regular bicycle.

The Tailwind eBike concept has been developed by designer Ji Yong-Ho and is currently on display at the DMY International Design Festival in Berlin, Germany. It comes with an electric generator installed on its front wheel, which spins as and when required and generates enough power to drive its rear wheel with an attached dynamo. As soon as you start pedaling, the generator starts generating electricity and feeds it to the electric motor housed within the rear wheel's hub, which is connected to a small battery.

4. Affordable and Environmental Friendly
Compared to other modes of transport, electric bikes are more affordable and zero-emission, which provides a sustainable alternative for transportation in the future.

They are more preferred as they can be easily folded and carried on buses, trains, planes, etc. For short-distance traveling, it is faster than walking or any other form of transport. You can ride it to your workplace or anywhere you want in no time. Motorbike insurance is also affordable.

5. Provides Health benefits 
Cyclists live an average of 2 years longer than non-cyclists. Cycling also strengthens the muscles in the upper legs, which offsets problems caused by sedentary occupations and lifestyles.

You don't have to be young or physically fit to enjoy the benefits of riding an electric bike. These bikes are designed for people of every age and include features that make it easy for anyone to use them. If you are looking at adding an eco-friendly mode of transportation, consider purchasing an Electric Bike today.