Every car reaches a stage in its lifecycle that promises no returns. From being a drivable road-worthy vehicle, it becomes a piece of junk that has to untie from your house and your life. From this stage, your car is certainly not going to heaven. It can only be home to a junkyard or landfill. 

Recycling offers a better route to extricate your old car from your driveway. Many car manufacturing incumbents offer recycling facilities by teaming up with scrapers. Mercedes Wreckers at GMS Spares is an ideal illustration of luxury brands are inclining towards scrap recycling.

However, as a consumer, you would like to know how to get the maximum possible value from your scrap vehicle. Today, you can find several options that help you draw good cash and contribute to sustainability.

Sell it as a parts car or in parts
Even if your car is in a poor condition and is no more usable, it would still have at least some parts that are usable. You can separate these parts and sell them individually. 

Often people who cannot afford a new car, are in search of specific parts to reinstate their old vehicles. You need to examine your car before scraping it to find parts that can earn you some value. This may seem a lot of work but it is equally rewarding. 

You can also find dealers and garages who would buy the whole car as a parts car. Such deals would require you to make some negotiations to get good cash.

Consider it you parts car
This is a very long bait. However, a small percentage of people buy an old car for their next four-wheeler. Often the reason is the unavailability of funding and cash crunch. 

If you are also going through a rough financial patch but need to replace your vehicle, this can be a good option for you. You can buy a used car at a lower price and use your scrap one to replace any parts if needed. 

This way you can use your scrap car as a parts car yourself. It will help you get a running vehicle in good functioning condition at much lower pricing.

Donate or scrap for cash
Your car may be completely worthless for you, but it would still have some value for a scrapyard. With a little research online or on platforms like Facebook, you can find the right place to scrap your car for cash and earn a few hundred dollars. 

The scrapyard will pick your vehicle and part it out, and scrap it for metal. And, you will get some good cash in return for all this. However, if you are interested in some social service, you can also donate your car where it is being used for parts and metal.

Steps to scrap a car to recyclers
One of the most popular methods for car-scraping is to give it away for recycling. It earns you money and also helps you contribute to environmental conservation. These are guaranteed places that often give you a certificate of recycling. Many states mandate concessions in exchange for recycling certifications to promote environment-friendly scraping of vehicles. 

You can follow the steps below for recycling.

Contact multiple companies and verify their authenticity
Compare, negotiate to price, and schedule pick-up
Get the paperwork done and accept cash carefully