If you work on the racetrack, you are working on a vehicle that belongs to an elite athlete, or you are the race car driver themselves, then you need to use motorsports insurance. Since the sports that you're doing or working with are highly dangerous - such as racetrack driving, motocross driving, or stunt driving - you need to insure yourself and your vehicle from any accidents that can occur. After all, you're driving at speeds of hundreds of miles per hour -so something can definitely go wrong!

Let’s see a few reasons you need to purchase motorsports insurance if you are an elite athlete - check out the reason why here! 

6 reasons extreme athletes need motorsports insurance

First off -what is motorsport insurance? This type of coverage pertains to competition vehicles that are used in sporting events, event support vehicles (i.e. ambulances or racetrack support cars), and other vehicles that are used by a motorsport athlete competition. Furthermore, if you are an event support team for a specific race or you support a specific rider, you may be covered under the motorsports insurance program.

Covers reduce units

One of the main reasons elite athletes need motorsports insurance is because it covers the rescue vehicles that are used to help you out of a deadly crash! If you have been in an accident or fire, motorsports insurance covers the ambulances or fire engines that are used to help you survive.

Race transporters

The second reason athletes need motorsports insurance is because the coverage includes race transporters, which is the vehicle used to carry your equipment, tire spares, extra equipment, and other important pieces to and from the race site.

Fully comprehensive cover

The next reason to get motorsports insurance coverage is that it usually includes fully comprehensive coverage, meaning that it will cover you in the event of third-party damage, fire, weather-related damages, or theft. 

Motor homes

Motorsports insurance typically covers motorhomes which are often used as the transport mode to help carry an athlete's bikes or cars to and from competition sites. Since something can happen while you're driving to or from the competition ground as an elite athlete, motorhome coverage is key.

Race cars

Along with covering motorhomes and race transporters, motorsports insurance covers the race cars themselves. If you find that your car is damaged during a race, then you need motorsports insurance coverage to save thousands of dollars!

Vans or support cars

The last reason to use motorsports insurance as an extreme athlete is that this type of protection covers van or support trucks that are used to help transport equipment to and from events. 


As an elite-level athlete, you always need to be prepared - as an elite car driver or motorsport enthusiast, you must be prepared for the worst. Since you can be involved in a crash that damages you, other people, or your car, you have to purchase motorsports insurance to avoid long-term damage to your cars - and your wallet! Use motorsports insurance to cover your race cars, vans, rescue units, race transporters, and motor homes!