Have you been involved in a traffic accident? Do you now have to call the police? When settling the insured event, the question of guilt will be critical. Initially, it does not matter whether it was just sheet metal damage or whether people were injured. 

Since the person whose guilt can be proven is also liable, you should know your rights and obligations! A car accident attorney is one person to call in such a situation. A Queens car accident lawyer from Sullivan & Galleshaw LLP firm can help you in such a scenario. 

The Most Important Facts

The person who caused the accident is always liable for any damage caused by a car accident.
Through no fault of your own, you will be reimbursed by the vehicle insurance of the other party involved in the accident. 
If you were injured in the accident, you are entitled to compensation for pain and suffering.
If the question of guilt cannot be clarified, all parties involved are usually equally liable.
If you are not guilty of the accident, your lawyer will be paid for by the opposing liability insurance company.

What to Do After An Accident

1. Secure the scene of the accident.
2. If necessary, provide first aid and make an emergency call.
3. Call the police to secure evidence.
4. Photograph the scene of the accident and sketch the accident.
5. Make use of your right to remain silent - you don't have to incriminate yourself.
6. If in doubt, consult a lawyer. 

Correct Behavior After a Traffic Accident

If you have been involved in a traffic accident, it is your first duty to protect the scene of the accident. To do this, switch on the hazard warning lights in your car to alert other road users to the dangerous situation from a distance. Put on the safety vest with you so that you can be seen on the road even when visibility is poor.

With the safety vest on, you can now set up the warning triangle. As a rule, it should be positioned about 100 meters from the scene of the accident. If there are obstacles or curves, also a little further in front of them.

If a personal injury has occurred, you must help these injured people (provide first aid). Then you should dial the emergency number. You should describe the accident situation as precisely as possible.

Even if there is no general obligation, it is advisable to call the police in every traffic accident. The police protocol makes it easier for you to secure evidence and can be particularly relevant in the event of personal injury and the associated high liability risks. If you do not go to the police, you should definitely record the course of the accident together with the other party involved in the accident in an accident report.

In any case, document the car accident yourself with your mobile phone. Take photos of the damage, skid marks, the accident scene, and the papers of those involved in the accident.

Exercise your right to remain silent. Especially if you think that you are to blame for the accident, you should not rush to admit it. After all, you don't have to burden yourself. Incidentally, you can make yourself liable to your insurance company because you are placing an exceptionally high liability risk on it.

You also have the opportunity to avail yourself of the help of a lawyer specializing in traffic law. As a victim, you are often entitled to more than you are aware of. But going to a lawyer can also be worthwhile for the injured party. Often other parties involved in the accident are also partly to blame, which reduces the injuring party's obligation to compensate.