While the European Court ruled that the commute to work counted as work, the same is not said for other countries around the world. For those who make a living driving, or even for those who just commute to and from home each day, here are a few safe driving tips that will reduce the likelihood of any accidents. 

Adhere to Road Safety Guidelines

Do you run a business where you have several drivers on the road each day? Would you like a way to monitor idle time so you can keep an eye on how often your drivers are taking breaks? If so, you can check prices for a fleet management platform that lets you focus on growing your business with the peace of mind that your drivers are keeping to the required break guidelines. Other safety guidelines to pay attention to include adjusting the steering wheel, seat height and back rest to maintain a comfortable position on long journeys. That is, of course, in addition to all your regular driver safety guidelines. 

Make Sure Your Vehicle is Up-to-Date

If you’re driving a vehicle that’s part of a fleet, this will be a lot easier as everything will be tracked and reported in real-time. If you’re not driving a vehicle that’s covered under a fleet management system, you will be responsible for everything from getting insurance and tax to checking oil levels and tire pressure. Keep all relevant documentation in the glove compartment for easy access and be sure to set reminders in your calendar for all major upgrades and service appointments. Keeping everything up to date will keep your vehicle in top condition, limiting the chances of an accident from happening.

Watch Out for Bad Weather

Always check the weather forecast before taking off, as you’d never know what conditions are promised. Snow, ice, heavy rain and fog can make driving conditions particularly dangerous so always plan to avoid these were possible. If you do drive into a storm, adjust your speed and be more cautious when moving off and slowing down. 

Never Use Your Cell Phone

Your boss may be calling you but that isn’t a good enough reason to pick up and start chatting when you’re on the freeway. Install a Bluetooth system in your vehicle and take all calls using it. No more picking up your phone and pressing the answer button. 

Avoid Alcohol and Drugs

Sure, this is pretty obvious as there’s never an excuse to drink or do drugs when driving. Not for those that own their own vehicles. Not for truck drivers. Not for taxi drivers. There is no bending of the rules here. If you are the owner of a company with a large fleet of vehicles, you may want to invest in random tests to ensure everyone is playing by the rules. It might sound a little harsh from the outset but you might save yourself hundreds of thousands of dollars by putting this system in place. And that’s not to mention that you could, potentially, save the lives of your employees.