Whether you are purchasing a pre-owned or a brand new vehicle, it’s critical to protect your investment. Major vehicle repairs can run into thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses!

However, keeping up with routine maintenance can help prevent these unexpected, horrific expenses.

Strictly following a Mitsubishi service schedule Australia dealerships recommend can ensure your car will have a longer life while eliminating crazy repair costs. Variables, such as your driving habits, where you live, and even how cold or hot it gets outside, can affect the service intervals.

Here is a comprehensive vehicle maintenance schedule guideline based on mileage intervals.

Every 5,000 kms to 10,000 kms

This requires changing the vehicle’s oil and oil filter. Servicing that includes a filter and oil change is one of the best ways to ensure your car is in top condition for years. The automobile’s lubrication system helps reduce wear and tear on engine components. Oil eventually breaks down and becomes filled with contaminants after time. While an oil filter helps remove the harmful debris, it eventually clogs and reduces oil flow and increases the risk of failure.

Oil changes were once recommended for every 5,000 kilometres or three months, whichever came first. But technology advancements and synthetic oils are helping increase the service interval greatly. Check your vehicle’s manual for the recommended oil change interval and make sure you follow it.

During the oil and filter change service, experts will also carry out an inspection of the other components. However, many service centres will not include the service in a Mitsubishi ASX service cost, so ask questions first. 

The inspection usually involves topping off the: 

Engine coolant
Transmission fluid
Windshield washer fluid

Plus, the service might also include ensuring all exterior lights are functional and checking the vehicle wipers. These are usually part of the service you should expect from each oil change interval. 

Every 10,000 kms to 22,500 kms

One of the most important and expensive components of your vehicle is the tyres. Depending on your location and the surfaces you regularly drive on, the tyres can wear out fast. According to Mitsubishi service schedule Australia experts, each axle wears out differently. Make sure the wheels are rotated regularly to extend the life of your tyres. 

A general rule of thumb is to have a tyre rotation done with each oil change. 

Plus, have the alignment checked regularly. Wheel alignment technology includes computer systems that provide high accuracy. Signs of uneven alignment include uneven tread wear and a vehicle that pulls to the side while driving. 

Every 25,000 kms to 50,000 kms

A dirty air filter can cause serious issues. Gasoline engines require fuel and air to combust and reduce airflow because a clogged filter reduces the engine’s efficiency and costs you more on fuel. 

Items that get sucked up the air intake and clog the filter include bugs, dirt, leaves, and pollen. Changing the air filter is easy as long as you have the DIY skills. Plus, many auto parts shops stock up on air filters for various car models and some will even go as far as changing it for you for free. 

At around 50,000 kilometres, it’s advisable to have a certified dealer or mechanic perform a detailed vehicle maintenance inspection. Depending on your vehicle’s usage, a Mitsubishi Triton service cost for this mileage will include checking the coolant. Other inspections include checking the HVAC system and refrigerant operation, checking hoses under the bonnet, and checking brake pads and suspension components. 

At 56,000 kms

Other inspections and servicing items that should be marked and scheduled for at this mileage, and would be stipulated in the Mitsubishi Triton service book include: 

Battery life and replacement
Wires and spark plugs
Timing belt change

Tracking Your Maintenance Schedule 

Keeping track of your car’s mileage is critical to staying current with its maintenance. Never put off scheduled maintenance. Whether your Mitsubishi requires a simple oil change or a more involved repair process, you can count on the factory-trained technicians to complete a Mitsubishi service schedule Australia dealerships require.

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