We all want to get value for money, and when it comes to BMW motorcycles, you want to get rides that expensive to maintain. If every ride means a deeper hole in your finances, it can affect your overall enjoyment of your bike.

Not all BMWs Have High Maintenance Costs

BMW is known for its durability and long-lasting parts. This is why the average BMW product is expensive, and maintaining doesn’t come cheap either. Take for instance, the BMW R1200 CLC, a bike designed for cruises and long journeys. Its bulky design makes it heavy and it looks like police motorcycle. BMW accessories for this bike are expensive because of their size and brand recognition. Maintenance costs of this bike go as high as USD1,858 while repair costs are higher, going for USD3,173

On the other hand, we have the BMW R Nine T Pure, a bike that is comes with a lower maintenance cost. It has a simpler look and comes with alloy wheels. With this bike, you’d be avoiding the expensive Ohlin’s suspension. Its low priced and parts are easily available. As such, it is not as expensive as other BMW bikes, or bikes from other producers. One review ranked it the least expensive motorcycle to maintain, in a list that had bikes from BMW, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Harley Davidson, just to name a few. Repair costs for this bike are as low as USD345.

BMW Accessories to reduce Maintenance Cost

There are several accessories you can invest in that in the long term, will help you reduce cost of maintaining your motorcycle. Service intervals for BMW bike is every 6,000 miles. With these accessories, you can reduce your expenditure at each interval.

- BMW Battery Charger
For long periods of time like winter when you cannot use your bike, the BMW Battery Charger is a handy kit that can be used to charge all BMW Motorrad lithium-ion batteries. You can also use it to charge conventional lead acid batteries.
- Motorcycle Mat
This will protect your floor from stains, dirt and other residue from your bike. It is also slip resistant to protect your bike from falling, depending on the texture of your floor.
- Bike Cover
A bike cover will protect your bike from weather extremes. It is specially designed to be water-proof, has ventilation openings and a transparent space for viewing the number plate.
- Compact Foot Pump
This foot pump from BMW can be used not just for bikes, but also for cars, bicycles, air mattresses, and sport equipment. It can also be used for adjusting the air pressure in motorcycles and bicycles.
- Sport Workstand – Front & Rear

The workstand can be used to jack up the motorcycle at either wheel, while it is being serviced. It can also be used to lift the bike off the ground during the winter break.


Although BMW motorcycles are generally pricey, not all bikes come with a high maintenance cost. You would be advised to research the cost with respect to your preferred bike. Using the right BMW accessories can also help you avoid mishaps that increase maintenance costs.