An old car sitting in your driveway unused for many years is only taking up precious space. Over time, it will only get more run down and become unusable. If you’ve been wondering what to do or how to dispose of an old car, then this article is for you. The first thing that comes to mind when you consider disposing of an old vehicle is a junkyard. Yes, scrap yards in Kansas City can be the most convenient way if you live in the city, plus you can earn some cash by selling your car to a metal recycling center. But, apart from this, let’s discuss some other options too. 

When should you bring your old car to a scrap yard?

A junkyard is convenient because you can simply make a phone call and they will pick up the car – problem solved. Usually, they will put a value on the car and pay you upfront. This option is the easiest and is best when the car’s condition no longer warrants resale or trade-in. Once the car gets sent to a scrap yard, it will be recycled for scrap metal and other parts. 

Restore and sell

An old car isn’t always useless. Depending on the car’s make and model, it could still have value. If you want to put in the effort, you can invest in restoring the vehicle and sell it after. It could fetch a good amount and a reasonable profit. 


A trade-in works if there’s still a demand for the car make and model. Usually, people trade in their cars after a few years of use. This way, they can get a newer model and apply the value of the old car to reduce the price of the new one. This way, you won’t need to pay as much. 

But, trading in does have some disadvantages. For instance, you need to be ready to bargain with the car dealer. They intend to make the most profit out of a transaction. Also, you'll need to consider the price of the new vehicle, as the value placed on the old car may not even make a difference at all. 

Exchange it

Bartering or exchanging your vehicle for something that you value more is another option. Some people you know may be interested in taking an old car off your hands. Perhaps a friend who loves to restore old cars would like to exchange it for an item of similar value. However, make sure that you are getting a good deal on the exchange to avoid regretting your decision later on. 

Make a donation

The last option in this list is donation because not many are willing to let go of an old car without getting something in return. But, donating does have an advantage because you could get a tax credit. Also, it’s for a good cause and you’ll be helping out those who need the vehicle more. However, you can only donate your car if it’s still in good working condition and won’t cost much to maintain.