Dash cams are video cameras attached to the windshield of a vehicle to capture the view out front that will save you from a lot of trouble if something goes wrong while driving. While some of these cameras are mounted on the windshield, there are others that you can easily attach to your vehicle’s dashboard. Dash cams not only allow you to capture the footage for a piece of unique evidence but also come with a lot of other safety and security features.

Car crashes do happen and witnesses often fail to stop which makes it very difficult or, in some cases, impossible to collect unbiased testimonials. Therefore, it has become essential for drivers to have dash cams in their vehicles as these cameras secretly track any movement and capture what was once a missing link in crash investigations. 

Using a dash cam doesn’t violate any laws if the driver’s vision is not blocked. In general, there is no presumption of privacy in public areas such as streets and roads, so filming video from your vehicle is legal. Dash cams are widely recommended by many people because they can help a driver in a multitude of situations. Below are some of the most compelling reasons to invest in a dash cam.

1. Protect Yourself from Insurance Fraud
Dash cams are a perfect weapon for protecting you against insurance fraud that involves pedestrians, just as they are for preventing car collisions. Insurance fraud is shockingly widespread in heavily populated cities. In the most common form of insurance fraud, a pedestrian stages an accident where it looks like the driver is at fault, usually as a result of him leaping in front of the car.

However, you'll have direct video proof to your advantage if you use a dash cam. Every year, an estimated amount of over $40 million is spent on insurance fraud. A piece of simple video evidence, however, cuts straight through the deceit, as it does in the majority of situations. You just need to keep the log of your traveling for complete peace of mind.

2. Get Evidence of an Accident
Sadly, accidents happen if you drive a vehicle, and they can be more aggravating when you are not at fault. In most cases, the driver who is responsible for the accident will try to accuse the other party to divert attention away from him, while sometimes, both of them might be unaware of who actually is at fault. In such scenarios, a dash cam can be very useful.
The most common reason for a driver to purchase a dash cam is to monitor car crashes. Your video would act as an ideal testimony to prove your innocence in a court of law. You'll probably need a dash cam that features loop video capture, G sensor capability, and GPS if you're going to use it to cover yourself in an accident. The GPS tags the speed of your vehicle and the location of the crash site.

3. Improve Your Driving Skills
How would you improve your skills if you are in a gym or a football player? By simply looking in the mirror or analyzing video clips from your previous game, you can improve your skills. Similarly, you can watch your everyday driving videos with a dashcam and strive to improve your driving skills the next time. Just download dash cam viewer to your smartphone or a computer to watch your videos easily.

The dash cam will assist you in identifying and correcting your mistakes. For instance, if you push your brakes too hard or suddenly change lanes and overtake the other vehicles, you would want to slow down next time. These issues as well as a lot of other unintentional mistakes can be easily rectified with the video obtained from a dash cam.

Additionally, parents will be more comfortable allowing their teens to drive their family car. When teens know their parents will watch dash cam video and monitor their actions on the driving seat, they will certainly make more careful decisions while driving. Parents should consider purchasing a two-way dash cam to keep an eye on their children.

4. Record Your Roadtrips
If you don’t want to miss some incredible moments on your road trip, an action camera isn’t the right choice. You’ll need something that can be mounted on your vehicle’s dashboard and doesn’t stop recording. Dash cams are ideal for these situations, thanks to their large storage capacity, loop-recording feature, and vehicle power adapters.

People who like adventures can use dash cams to capture some really unique memories of those really beautiful towns they just passed through. A dash cam can capture anything around the highway and doesn’t cause any distraction to you. Besides, you can edit the videos after your trips to highlight your most favorite moments. For a more enjoyable experience, you can get a dash cam that allows you to shoot full HD time-lapse videos both in daytime and nighttime.

All in all, a dash cam is the best piece of equipment for your roadtrips that allows you to keep a record of anything that comes in your way.

5. Don’t Leave Your Car Unattended
Break-ins, car damage and car theft are unfortunately all too frequent these days, particularly if you live in big cities. Dash cams, on the other hand, give you the ability to keep an eye on your unattended car by capturing what happens inside and outside of it. Some dash cams are equipped with advanced features such as a standby mode that starts capturing the videos only when a motion sensor detects something unusual outside the car. Good thing is, these cameras keep running whether the ignition is switched on or off. 

A dash cam with the ability to see inside and outside is recommended for the complete security of your vehicle. Drivers can also mount dash cams in the back of their vehicles for added protection, allowing them to cover the entire surroundings of the vehicle.