Buying a used car is kind of similar to buying clothes. In a way, both tasks are exhausting and take a considerable amount of time to pick the ideal candidate. Despite all the complications, the market for used cars is expected to reach a whopping 162 million by 2027. The Covid-19 pandemic has further ramped up the demand for second-hand cars and used car dealers are the favorite candidates to reap the full benefits of the surge in the demand.

Even the people living in developed countries have to face several difficulties when shopping for a good used car especially from a private seller. The condition is more or less similar in China and it is causing more and more people to buy a pre-owned car from a used car dealer instead of a private seller. There are manifolds reasons behind this shift and here we will dive into the details of those reasons:

Better choices:

Whether you are looking for a Chinese used car or a Japanese, you will easily find your desired vehicle in a parking lot of a used car dealer. This is one major advantage of buying a car from a used car dealer instead of a private seller as you have a wide variety of second-hand cars to choose from, which allows you to carefully consider your choices and finally settle on a car that best suits your needs and taste. Moreover, one also does not need to go from one place to place as in the case of a private seller because all the vehicles are parked in one place and you just have to point your finger at the car you like and it will be yours to enjoy after all the inspection and payment procedures.

Customer service:

Used car dealers are in the business to make money and they need to provide excellent customer service in order to retain existing customers and lure new ones. Their day-to-day dealings have given them an understanding of what a particular customer wants and how to satisfy him/her. For this purpose, many used car dealers also invest quite a lot of money to streamline the car buying experience. Online payment systems, marketing messages, and remote diagnosis are all in one way or another way of providing better customer service. Thus, good customer service makes a strong case in favor of used car dealers. For a private seller, if you are not familiar with him, you can't even know his reputation, which increases your risks of buying a bad used car, let alone enjoying customer service.


A check warranty can also be categorized under customer service as it is a means of providing better satisfaction and peace of mind to a consumer. The majority of used car dealers rather than private sellers are nowadays offering a limited warranty on all of their second-hand cars. Even some of the Chinese used cars are also eligible for this warranty, hence, it is an added bonus one gets when shopping for a second-hand car from a used car dealer.  


Cars available at a used car dealer have undergone a thorough inspection test and all the periodic maintenance has been done on such vehicles. This, again, is linked to better customer service so that the customer does not have to come back to the dealership and ask for repairs on any abnormality that has occurred. Moreover, it allows used car dealers to expand their customer base as a happy customer will tell his friends and relatives about the good service he had received at the dealership, which in turn will boost the business of a car dealership. Lastly, maintenance does not cost much to the dealership managers as they order bulk parts and the sheer volume ultimately brings the cost down, which increases their incentive to deliver fully serviced cars.

Installments/ lease:

One of the biggest advantages of buying a used car from a dealership is that you don’t have to pay all the money upfront. Instead, you can split the price into manageable installments with the manager. The option is especially helpful for buyers who have a tight budget or those who for some reason cannot pay all the money at once. Used car dealerships are ready to show some flexibility to such customers since such buyers belong to lower or middle-class segments and also the practice is financially beneficial for them in the long run. For a private seller, if this is your first transaction, it is difficult to adopt this installment payment method because it is based on absolute mutual trust.

Best used car dealership in China

In the light of the benefits mentioned above, it can be concluded that used car dealerships offer several benefits that a private seller doesn't. Global-Ucar is a widely trusted name that offers all of the above-mentioned benefits and some extras on top of them too. Their 20+ years of experience and a growing global footprint are evidence of their ethical practices and the benefits they offer to their customers. Thus, you should pay a visit to Global-Ucar the next time you plan on buying a second-hand car.