Moving across the state and want to save as much money as you can? One easy and commendable way is to take your luggage with yourself in your car. This saves a lot of car or truck rentals and also gives a surety of safe transport. Hiring a shifting company can cost you up to $4,000 or more. However, in case you have a big family with a lot of luggage and large household stuff, you might need to consider hiring a big van or a truck. Here are 5 tips to easily move your stuff in your own car:

1. UTE canopy:
Get aluminum UTE canopies installed in your vehicle. This ensures the safety of your luggage from falling out as well as fills up a comparatively more number of articles. Consider looking up for a high-grade UTE Canopy in Melbourne. 0This might even work with a somewhat bigger size of objects since the canopy has a height as well as depth for a lot of stuff to keep inside and transport.

2. Use miscellaneous necessary equipment:
Invest in certain necessary and pretty useful things like ropes, straps, or bungee cords. These help in keeping the articles in place and prevent them from shuffling all around in the car. If you don’t wanna hear the sudden weird noises from the back of your driving seat and get terrified in the middle of your way, these are the useful kinds of stuff you should invest in. some more things like large polybags and plastic bins are helpful for this too. 

3. Consider the amount of stuff being moved:
Check up on how much stuff do you require to take along with you. As mentioned earlier, if you have stuff that is comparatively bigger in size, you might need to get rental vans or trucks. In case you have a large quantity of stuff that is smaller in size, you can consider taking two round trips for this. Don’t prefer taking more than two car rides as the fuel used in these round trips might add up to equal the same as the rental van would cost. Be smart.

4. Maximize the space in your car:
If it is just you traveling in the car with your worthy luggage, consider laying down the seats and utilizing the space. One out of the ordinary suggestion, try to avoid using bulky cardboard boxes as they take up the space that could be used to fit smaller articles. Use plastic bags instead, as they take up the shape of objects inside. Another suggestion would be dismantling the items like a table, and chair, keep them flat in your car, and save up some space.

5. Place heavy items in the bottom:
We all know it is extremely hazardous to keep bigger and heavier items on top of soft smaller articles. They can harm the smaller objects and cause breakage. You don’t want your stuff to be broken during transportation and face loss.