One of the most necessary needs of the modern world is the car. The interior and the exterior of your car show your status in society. You don’t need to install those freaky modern gadgets but surely there are some gadgets you can look up to for example— led driving lights, sound systems, empty fuel cans, etc.

1. LED Driving Lights:
Have you ever drove over a foggy place or at a place that is at a high altitude; driving through that fog is very hard isn’t it? So some LED lights help the drivers to drive through the harsh terrains. You can also look for LED Driving Lights in Australia.

2. Spare Tire:  
A spare tire is something you should always carry while traveling in a car. You don’t want to ruin your vacations running around finding garages, so make sure you have a spare tire. Make sure to carry all obligatory tools to replace the tire. 

3. Tire Jack: 
A spare tire without a tire jack is useless always make sure to carry a tire jack alongside. Also, try to learn how to use the tire jack, because in rough conditions it might come in handy for necessary repairs.

4. Tool Kit:
A basic toolkit is a necessity needed for good trips. This helps you to fix the basic issues in your car. An ideal toolkit contains a hammer, screwdriver, a pair of pliers, nuts, screws, etc.
5. Duct Tape:
Yes, it may seem to be absurd but in reality, duct tapes can be really useful in many situations to fix things temporarily. Consider a situation where there is a crack in your windshield, and thus in that situation duct tape can play a very important role in fixing up things temporarily.

6. First Aid Kit:
In case of any mishappenings, there should be a first aid kit, so that the person who is suffering can be given the necessary care. The kit will help to minimize any serious injuries or casualties.

7. Maps: 
It may seem like a very ancient source for navigation, although it can be very helpful at times when you don’t have any electronic gadget around you. It can also come in handy when there is no network around you. 

8. Toe Straps:
Have you been in a situation where you have some fault in your vehicle? However, in that situation, the only option is to call a toe truck. Thus, keeping a toe strap can be a very wise decision to help you to toe your vehicle easily.

9. flashlights:
Consider you are out on a sunny day, it is alright due to the daylight, but what if your car gets wrecked at night due to engine overheating. Then, a flashlight will surely come in handy.

10. Knife:
Imagine a situation when there are some issues in the door that the door is not locking or something in that situation to open the door the knife can be a great option to open up that door. Also, it will act as a weapon in extreme situations.