If you're a new rider looking to buy your first bike in Brisbane, you can't go wrong in choosing Harley as your first. However, the tricky part comes with making a choice. 

Harley Davidson has over 115 years of experience in manufacturing various motorcycles' styles and models to suit all types of riders. From the tips outlined below, you'll be able to buy the best harleys for sale brisbane

We also offer some suggestions to help you narrow down your search.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Harleys

The following are things to consider while buying Harley motorcycles, such as the Harley Davidson Breakout for sale in Qld. 


You'll need to consider your budget when buying a Harley. You wouldn't want to buy a motorcycle that you can't afford. However, it doesn't mean you must pay the total amount in cash, seeing as several dealers offer financing options. Consider applying through the dealership's website to enjoy additional services, like help in finding the right insurance provider and securing an extended service plan. 


One thing Harleys are known for are including many desirable features on their motorcycle. For instance, the touring bikes often come with a full-sized responsive touch screen, perfect for travellers that want to go to unfamiliar places and discover new rides.  There's also the map to help you find your destination and a list of their dealership locations.

Try Out a Few of Them

Regardless of the Harley for sale in Brisbane you're looking for, it'd be best to go to a dealership and try out a few. You can't simply pick a bike based on only pictures. Go to the nearest Harley Davidson dealer and try out as many bikes as you can. This way, you get a feel for various bikes and opt for a very comfortable one.

The Performance 

When buying a Harley, you need to check its performance, seeing as each Harley class focuses on specific use. For instance, Trike, Touring, and CVO are perfect for touring because they're designed for long-term performance and riding comfort. Similarly, Dyna and Softail are known for their combination of functionality and performance. So ensure to consider your preference while buying.


Remember to check the bike's core. However, almost everything is customizable in Harleys. If you pick a bike you like with minor details you'd want to be changed, you can do that at the dealership, including changing the seat, handlebars, or pipes, according to your preference.

Test Ride 

Once you've made your choice, it’s time to do some test drive. Go out with a salesperson to test the motorcycle in real-world conditions. This way, you'll be sure you picked a perfect Harley for yourself.

Fit and Size 

While test riding it, check the size and fit of the motorcycle. Ask if the dealer can lower the bike if you can't reach the ground comfortably. Check if you can touch the handlebars without stretching and if they're able to bring the handlebars back towards you.

Look for the controls to be sure you can reach them easily, then check the weight to see if the bike is light enough to ensure easy maneuverability at slow speeds. 


Whether you're planning to buy the Harley Breakout for sale in Qld or any other Harley Davidson motorcycle, ensure you sit on a few to feel them. To make sure you get the best choice, consider your intended use and expectations from the bike. You'd want to buy a bike that's best suited for your needs. If you require more information on picking the best Harleys in Brisbane or want to see a few samples, check out Gasoline Alley Harley Davidson.