There are different terminologies you’d come across in the world of vans. Good examples are “long wheelbase (LWB) vans” and “short wheelbase (SWB) vans.” But what exactly do these specifications mean? We look more closely at these two common phrases and what they mean to prospective owners.

Determining the Length of the Wheelbase

One commonly highlighted van feature at commercial car sales in Brisbane is the wheelbase's length. But what's a van wheelbase? It's the distance from the center of the front wheels to that of its rear wheels. Remember, though, not to confuse wheelbase length with the length of the entire vehicle. Different van manufacturers produce short and long wheelbases for each product. For example, the ldv V80 and ldv t60 for sale in Queensland stores have either specification. 

So, How Do You Differentiate Between a Short Wheelbase and a Long Wheelbase Van?

The essential difference between an SWB van and an LWB van is its length. Short wheelbase vehicles don't have the straightforward extension at their end, which otherwise makes a long wheelbase. You could merely observe any gap present between the sliding door and the rear wheel. If you see a gap, the vehicle is a long wheel base vans.

Top Features of a Short Wheelbase Van

They’re Easier to Drive around Town

A short wheelbase van is more manageable when making certain maneuvers or parking your vehicle. It's easier to go through narrow paths or traffic, much easier than with an LWB. You may consider a short wheelbase if easy maneuvering is the top spot on your priority list.

Firmer Handling

Because an SWB is smaller, it's easier to move them around sharp ends and tight corners. Moreover, when you're driving an SWB, you're less likely to struggle to get out of a stuck situation. 

Sportier Feel

You might already be nodding to this short wheelbase van attribute. Due to the above qualities, an SWB will likely feel much sportier than a long wheelbase. 

Top Features of a Long Wheelbase Van

We've highlighted some of the stand-out features of a short wheelbase van. Following are the top benefits you get when you buy a long wheelbase van.

More Cargo Area

Buying a more extended van at any Brisbane car store means you'll have a larger cargo area. long wheel base vans are well-known among people who need extra ample space for their equipment. 

Smooth Travel

Owing to the long distance between the rear and front wheels, an LWB gives smoother travel. As you go over road bumps and potholes, there's more time between the front and rear wheels. The passengers, therefore, have more time between hitting the spot or scaling the portholes. Thus, with an LWB, you have a smoother and more even ride.

Improved Fuel Economy 

Driving larger vehicles makes you feel more relaxed and stable due to the broader road coverage. People who drive an LWB tend to go more lightly, which leads to improved fuel economy. 

ldv V80—An Example of a Van with LWB and SWB Varieties

The ldv V80 comes in both short wheelbase and extended wheelbase versions. You'd notice the gap absence between the sliding door of the SWB variation and its rear wheel. In the SWB version, you have a  cargo volume of 6.4m3. Whereas the extended wheelbase version extends up to 11.6m3, depending on the LWB model.

Just like other long wheelbase vans, the more extended version of the lvd V80 has more space. It also promised a smoother ride and improved fuel economy. Other examples of long wheelbase vans include the stretched, rugged ldv t60 ute.


Choosing your preferred wheelbase is primarily up to your tastes. Although, you'll have to consider what amount of load you'd be carrying. Also, factor in the location you'd traffic regularly. Both short and long wheelbase vans have their advantages. So, you'll still benefit anyway from buying either version of the exact vehicle.