Got your eye on that new Hyundai i45 for sale? Well, that’s not a bad idea. In fact, the i45 is one of the most reliable cars the South Korean auto manufacturer has ever made. It is even dubbed by some motoring press as the “Camry Killer”. With a 2.4-litre 4-cylinder in-line Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) motor and a lighter weight compared to the other vehicles in its class, it is highly responsive and capable of reaching speeds beyond usual limits.

The i45 is also more fuel-efficient than many of its counterparts, with an ultra-low drag coefficient of only 0.28 Cd. When it comes to the interiors and the look, you will also see that the car is well designed and engineered.

All in all, this Hyundai car is one of the best options for your next car!     

However, you should keep in mind that buying a new vehicle is a big investment. So, you need to make sure you get the best deal out of it.

Preparing Yourself Before Buying a New Car

1. Research the price.

Know the average selling price of the i45 for sale in your area using online resources that offer automotive information. You can also visit some review sites to gather other useful resources, such as car specifications.

2. Get pre-approved for a loan.

This will not be a concern if you have the cash to pay for the vehicle. If not, then you should work out your financing in advance.

Some of the best places to go for car financing are local credit unions and some banks. Even when you think of buying another vehicle, like a new Polo for sale, they will always have a good financing option for you.

3. Speak with a car insurance agent.

Insurance costs differ from one vehicle to another, even if they are from the same brand. For example, the insurance cost for a new Mitsubishi Outlander for sale Gold Coast dealerships have could be higher than that of the Lancer.

So, it’s important to talk to an insurance agent before you buy that i45 you are eyeing. This is also a good way to know the total cost of ownership for such a car.

Negotiating with the Dealership’s Sales Personnel

Like when buying any other vehicle, such as Ford Trader for sale Qld dealerships have, the first thing to do at the dealership is asking for the price. Most likely, the salesperson would ask if you are trading in or going to take their car financing options.

Now, you should not answer these questions right away. There is the possibility that they might increase the interest rates to make extra money from you.

With the information you got from your research, negotiate a purchase price of the car. Once you settle on an amount, this is where you can proceed to talk about a trade-in, if you have one.

Another thing that you should look out for is the add-ons. Sure enough, you will be offered some extras, such as added insurance, extended warranties, tyre and paint protection plans, etc. Remember that most of these offerings are not free. So, ask which ones go with your purchase and which of those you have to pay. Then, choose carefully. If you don’t actually need it, then don’t buy it.

Don’t hesitate to walk away if you think you can find a better deal at other dealerships.     

Where to Buy a Hyundai i45

Of course, when you are looking for an i45 for sale, you should only do it at an authorised dealership. It allows you to enjoy a range of benefits that you will not find from independent dealers. These include fair financing options, the security of purchase, professional technical support, and standard after-sales services.

Aside from this, you will also receive the manufacturer’s warranty for your car.

Final Thoughts

Buying a car should not be a painful experience. With some smart tips, you can make your trip to the dealership as enjoyable as possible. You will be able to get the best deal by being prepared before you set foot in a showroom.

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