Pickup trucks are often valued for their ruggedness, toughness, and durability. Many people rely on their truck for work, either to haul heavy materials or transport goods, so valuing strength is understandable.

But today’s pickup truck is a well-rounded beast that excels and even surpasses the levels of features found in other types of vehicles. Let’s check-in and see mature and grown-up 2021 Ford F-150.
Many Different F-150s

First, the Ford F-150 comes in so many trims that it’s hard to talk about this truck as if it’s one thing. If you need a new Ford truck that can handle punishing terrain, the 2021 Ford F-150 Raptor comes with Next Generation FOX shocks with Live Valve technology, providing continuously variable compression damping.

Most people don’t need these features, and of course, most trims don’t offer this level of suspension! But the F-150 can perform many niche needs. With best-in-class available towing and payload available, the F-150 isa grown-up truck that’s up for any task.

Choose the engine lineup that makes sense for you.

Safety First
Today’s trucks aren’t only brawny — they’re filled with smart safety features that help keep everyone on the road safer and help you feel more confident behind the wheel.The Blind Spot Information System makes switching lanes easy and safe, whether they’re on a crowded downtown street or zooming along the highway.

If you drive a trailer or you need to occasionally haul oversized objects, you’ll love the Trailer Coverage system that lets drivers see in important places that are otherwise shielded from view. Whether you’re using the truck to carry wide loads or to get around the city, you’ll love Ford’s suite of advanced safety features.

Refined Interior
The level of luxury inside today’s trucks may be surprising, and so is the thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and practical features. People spend a lot of time in their trucks, and they do more than drive. Today’s truck is designed to meet all their needs.

The 2021 Ford F-150 has new SYNC4 technology that seamlessly connects your smartphone to the vehicle’s infotainment system. The processor is considerably more powerful than previous iterations, so the system works faster and more responsively.

Leather seats that recline just about all the way back are stylish and permit serious support and relaxation. The cabin facilitates work on the go, as there’s ample room to write or use a laptop, with charging outlets easy to access. 
Ambient lighting provides a nice vibe. These are just some of the touches you’ll find in the F-150 that may be surprising and are especially useful during a pandemic when people may find themselves spending more time alone in their truck waiting for things like curbside pickup.

The Ford F-150 is a workhorse of a truck made from military-grade steel and powered by serious engines. It’s also an evolved and modern truck that delivers exceptionally in aspects that trucks of previous generations didn’t use to consider. For whatever you need from a pickup truck, check out the 2021 F-150.