Car crashes or accidents have become quite normal these days. We don’t understand the impacts these accidents can cause to someone. People are constantly losing their lives, lives of their family members and friends. In such a scenario, it is important to catch hold of the irresponsible, distracted drivers who speed up beyond the speed limit and cause severe injuries to passengers, pedestrians or other riders. While driving on highways or even local roads, it is very important to obey and adhere to the traffic rules. In cases when people tend to avoid doing so, lawyers representing accidents caused by cars come to rescue. 

Common Causes of Car Accidents
The most common causes of accidents caused on roads are due to distracted driving, speeding beyond the speed limit, driving while drunk or drugged, improper departures of lanes or the driver being tired and weary leading to loss of concentration on road. The other reasons for car crashes happening so often are reckless driving, confusion of road networks, dangerous or defective roadways or crashes caused at intersections. 

People Responsible for Car Accidents
Many accidents on the road are caused due to negligence of the driver. In case of a car crash, the people who can be detained or held responsible for further procedures to follow are driver, the owner of the vehicle, the third party who crashed into your car, sellers, distributors of car manufacturing companies or even the government if it failed to maintain the condition of the road leading to crashes. 

Injuries Caused to Car Crashes
We all know the traumatic effect of car accidents can have in a person’s life. The consequences of a car crash can range from mild to severe depending on the nature of the crash. Some of the common consequences caused due to a car crash are traumatic brain or spinal cord injury, vision or hearing loss, amputation, fractures, heart attacks, cuts and bruises or injury to internal organs. Keeping all these in mind, it should be a moral duty of every person driving a vehicle to be careful while driving and obey all the traffic and safety rules strictly. 

Car Accident Lawyers to Your Rescue

Lawyers representing car accidents investigate and examine the nature of the crash in consultation with accident reconstruction officers and experts. They also coordinate with the doctors to find the accurate expense for your injuries. In addition to that, they also inform your boss to understand your job role and prove how the injuries would make it impossible for you to work until you are recovered. Apart from all this, they spend time with your neighbors’ and people around you to understand the impact of the accident and injuries on your mental and physical health. 
Once the nature of the car crash is determined, the case is then presented before a jury. Therefore, the lawyers make sure to negotiate right from the beginning to ensure better settlement offers for their clients. 

Philbrook Law Office Lawyers at Your Service
Philbrook Law Office lawyers offer an excellent service in terms of car crashes. They explain the litigation process properly, coordinate with your doctors and try to settle the cases as soon as possible. However, they are always prepared to present the case in court if required. They serve clients throughout Washington and Oregon at a contingency fee basis. 

To Conclude
Car accidents can cost a person his or her life. Just a matter of reckless driving or loss of concentration can pose serious damage to an individual. Therefore, we should be extra cautious while driving on the road to maintain our own safety as well as that of others.