Shipping a car from Florida to New Jersey isn't a job for amateurs. In addition to tracking your car, you must also pay exercise duty, complete complex paperwork, and ensure effective communication with the relevant parties. Only car auto transporters with years of experience and other necessary resources can successfully ship cars safely over long distances.

Car shipping is a daunting task, and going into the battle unprepared is a recipe for disaster. Here are tips to help you ship your car seamlessly.

Choose a DOT-registered car transporter.
All legitimate vehicle transport companies providing shipping services in and outside the United States should be registered with the Department of Transport (DOT). Find out if your preferred shipping company is registered with DOT. In the case of interstate car transportation, the shipping company must have a specific Motor Carrier Number. To find more about this number, check the official website for Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. 

Prepare your vehicle for transportation.
Many companies providing auto transport from Florida to New York don't cover damages to the vehicle's interior. This is why it's in your best interest to remove the loose and hanging items like CDs and removable electronics. Clean your car thoroughly and take pictures to document any existing damages. Remove all other items stored in the car, empty the gas tank, and safely keep your spare car keys. 

Get the relevant information in writing.
It would be best if you never took everything the car shipping company says at face value. To prevent confusion and future losses, it is recommended to get the vehicle shipping quotes in writing. Check each quote to ensure there are no hidden costs. 

The quote must also include important information such as the origin and destination, specific services provided, and insurance details. Even minor activities like loading, crating, customs clearance, and fumigation should be included in a written quote. 

Once you have chosen a reliable car transportation service provider, get the contract drafted on the company's letterhead and signed by the authorized individuals. 

Get a bill of lading.
The bill of lading is simply a condition report issued by the car shipping company. It serves as an acknowledgment receipt by the company that they have received the item to be shipped. The document must include the company's name and signature, terms and conditions of the transportation contract, name of the consignee, description of the goods transported, and any special instructions. 

The bill of landing is a legally binding document. That means you will require it in case you want to claim damages in the future. 

Not all TX to FL shippers are the same. Some companies focus on transporting specific types of vehicles while others transport all types of vehicles. Their services vary in terms of quality and cost. It is in your best interest to find a company that offers excellent services at an affordable cost. Implement the tips discussed in this article to enjoy an outstanding car shipping experience.