Uber driving looks cool enough for many. The thought of driving around town while money trickles in is fascinating to them.

However, sometimes, the desire to drive for Uber is threatened by a lack of a usable vehicle. You don't have to put off that driving idea—Uber offers drivers car rental services.

Rideshare rental apps and Uber rental companies abound for interested drivers. Find below what you need to note when getting Uber rentals for prospective drivers.

Why Would Anyone Want to Drive for Uber?

Here are some reasons why people opt to drive for Uber.

I. Flexible Work Schedule

Driving for Uber appeals to many because of its flexible work schedule offers. Uber drivers can schedule their movements around other routine activities, such as work or family responsibilities.

An Uber driver who works elsewhere for eight hours a day could schedule trips for evenings. And then, when on leave from his regular job, a driver could accept morning trips.

With Uber, you decide when or how much you want to drive all the time.

II. Weekly Income

Another exciting thing about Uber driving is its weekly pay. 

Usually, the weekly pay comes in on a particular day of the week. Drivers could set up a debit card to regularly receive earnings weekly.

Drivers who have other regular work schedules can get their weekly allowances in between checks.

III. Regular Bonuses

One thing you get from driving for Uber is their regular bonus offers.

You get more than you literally worked through bonuses. Uber offers its drivers bonuses when they complete a particular number of trips each week.

The bonuses differ with drivers and with different periods. The bottom line is that there's some extra incentive from working for your paycheck.

IV. Extra Income

Possibly, the stand-out reasons people consider becoming an Uber driver is the extra income it offers. The average hourly pay for an Uber driver is about $30.

Whether you want to work part-time or you’re going into it full-time, driving Uber pays nonetheless.

But as we earlier stated, it isn’t mandatory to own your car before driving for Uber.

More so, some car owners would instead not use their car for Uber driving. They'd prefer to separate business from their personal life. And some others have personal reasons for wanting to patronize Uber rentals for drivers.

Regardless of what your motivation is, you can always rent a car. Read on to see what it entails.

Remember these Ground Rules

In renting an Uber car, it is essential to be aware of the operating requirements and rules.

To benefit from uber rentals for drivers, you’d have to meet their age restriction. While some companies typically peg their age lower limit at 21, others say 25.

You'd also need to own a debit/credit card. Usually, Uber rental companies would hold down some amount of money till you return their car. That means you'd already have some cash on your card you can spare for a while,

And lastly, rental companies conduct some background checks on their prospective drivers. See that your driving record is fair and might not hinder your driving aspirations. Once you meet all the requirements, you're good to go.

Open an Uber Account

If you haven’t done that already, download the Uber app and sign up as a driver.

Once you've opened an Uber account on the app, you can then rent a car. Uber app has a help sub-section for locating "Uber-approved rental car providers" around you.

Otherwise, you could do a brief online research for Uber rental cars around you. A basic Google search on “rideshare rental cars near me” would list available rental companies.

Sign Up with Uber’s Rental Companies

Uber’s rental companies vary from one city to another. That’s a good reason to do a comprehensive search on Uber car rental companies near you. It isn’t enough to know that a company could rent you a ride for Uber driving. Look to see different available Uber rental companies and their respective offers.

You could rent on either a weekly or hourly basis. Consider the rates offered by the Uber rental companies and make your decisions.