A rather annoying situation that can occur when you're driving is when another driver gets right on your bumper and closely follows you until you or the other driver turns or changes lanes. Slamming on the brakes in this situation might seem like the right thing to do in order to teach the other driver a lesson. However it could lead to a few repercussions that you didn't think about at the time. 

Reduces Speed

When you make the decision to slam on your brakes in front of a tailgater, you're reducing the amount of time that it will take the driver to stop in their vehicle. If the driver hits your vehicle, then the driver could begin the lawsuit process. You can click here for more information about  filing a claim

The driver could claim that you intentionally braked to cause an accident, and if there is enough evidence on the roadway to show that this happened, then you could be charged along with the tailgater. 

Safety First

Instead of slamming on your brakes, try to move safely out of the way of a tailgater. This can do many things for the situation:
Shows respect
Easy solution for both parties
Saves money 

If you're on an interstate, then you can move to the other lane to let the other driver get around you. If you're on a two-lane road, then consider pulling off to the side of the road to allow the driver to get around you. 

Another option would be to pull over to a parking lot so that the driver can get past you instead of slamming on your brakes. In the event that you do slam on your brakes and the other driver hits you, it can set off a chain reaction that involves other drivers who could then file a claim against you. 

Driving for Comfort

You need to drive at a speed at which you're comfortable instead of at a speed that's comfortable for everyone else. Some people might enjoy driving on the road like they are in a race. However, they might also be the people who get a speeding ticket or be involved in a car accident because of their high speeds. 

You need to focus on safety and controlling your vehicle at a speed that you can control instead of thinking about someone being too impatient with you driving slower than they are on the road. As long as you're driving the speed limit, then you usually have nothing to worry about. 

Confronting the Driver

While looking in your rearview mirror at the person who is right on your bumper, you might start contemplating how to best approach the situation. If you slam on your brakes, the person could hit your car, which could result in the person paying for repairs or a new car because they were following too closely in the first place. 

The one thing that you don't want to do is confront the driver. If you do happen to slam on your brakes, avoid approaching the driver about the situation. You don't want to start an argument. You should also avoid yelling out your window as the driver passes you or if they decide to pull off the side of the road. 

You should also avoid teasing the driver by pressing on your brakes and acting as though you're going to slow down only to speed back up again as this can lead to the driver getting made and doing something in retaliation that could cause an accident.