Canadian roads during winter are not always a fun place to drive. It gets dark early, and it’s liable to get slippery out there. 

It helps when you’re in a vehicle with the power and heft to withstand harsh winter conditions, smart features to avoid hazardsdeftly, and sumptuous comfort to make every drive a pleasant one for all your passengers. 

To learn more about why Lincoln SUVs are the perfect vehicle to conquer Canadian winters, please keep reading.

Horsepower Galore
When stuck on a patch of ice or a snowbank, you’ll love having power under the hood. The 2021 Lincoln Aviator boasts a massive 400-horsepower, so there’s no question it has the muscle to get you back on the road safely.
The Aviator Grand Touring trim combines a battery-powered electric motor with the standard twin-turbocharged engine for even more muscle — 494 horsepower, to be exact. There are fast, impressive muscle cars that don’t have an engine this impressive.

Ultra-Spacious and Comfortable Seating
You need to sit in a Lincoln to believe how much legroom there is and the extent to which every passenger is pampered. The Aviator is a 6-seater SUV, and people will be comfortable no matter where they sit.

Plus, the third-row seats fold down with the press of a button, so reconfiguring the seats to make room for additional cargo is easy and quick. 

Lincoln goes to the next level to make drivers feel at ease, with seats that move in 30 different ways, and the available Heated and Ventilated seats regulate temperature. Finally, the massaging of Active Motion can turn any drive into a day at the spa. 

Safety and Infotainment
Other auto manufacturers have safety and infotainment features, but Lincoln cars go beyond them.  Not only does the Aviator boast advanced safety technology like a Lane-Keeping System and Adaptive Cruise Control, but the Head-Up Display casts information about these systems and others right onto the windshield.

The driver doesn’t need to take their eyes off the road for even a second to get the information they need. The Lincoln Co-Pilot360 Plus series is loaded with features to make driving safer and more comfortable you won’t find elsewhere, like Evasive Steering Assist. 

The Lincoln Connect app turns the vehicle into a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot when you have a data subscription. On long drives, you can stream music and movies.

The SYNC3 APPLINK allows drivers to use voice control so they can navigate their smartphones safely while driving. Other impressive firsts for Lincoln include the Phone as Key feature and Approach Detection—the vehicle senses your fob is nearby andlights up to welcome you. The headlamps and taillamps turn on and become brighter and brighter as you approach.

Lincoln SUVs like the Aviator are what you’d expect one of America’s most revered car manufacturers to produce. When you’re looking for a vehicle that can triumph over the winter blues, the Aviator is a wonderful choice.