SUVs are becoming popular all around the world. For some, it is the additional height it gives that draws them towards it. For others, it is the large seating capacity or its rugged yet fanciful style—a lot of reasons out there. Whether it's a Pajero, Ford or Mitsubishi model, SUV cars are certainly the first choice and dream of many out there.

In the broad range of SUVs to probably choose from is the Mitsubishi Outlander for sale Brisbane. But among so many choices, why should this particular family SUV brand stay in your lot?

Here are various top features of the Mitsubishi Outlander for sale that could get you interested.

Generous Space and Size

The Mitsubishi Outlander features three rows that comfortably seat seven people at once. It gives you and your family ample room to sit on a long journey without giving your limbs a lot of trouble. It carries a generous storage space as well within the cabin for your family trips and picnics.

SUV Seat Flexibility

The sleek SUV design from Mitsubishi offers your family a lot of versatility with the seats. When you want to get more luggage around, you could rearrange the two rear rows to accommodate more space.

It offers flexibility as your space requirements increase or decrease in time. 

Pocket-Friendly Fuel Consumption

Also, Mitsubishi Outlander offers efficient fuel consumption for a ride of its class. It bears a 2.2L diesel engine giving you the latest technology for improved efficient diesel consumption. 

The Mitsubishi Outlander consumes 6.2L of fuel over a distance of 100km. If you're keen on economic fuel usage, then Mitsubishi Outlander is the choice for you.

When next you're visiting a car store around Brisbane, you might want to leave with a Mitsubishi Outlander.

Marketable Performance

The economical diesel consumption rate of the Outlander does not indirectly affect its performance with distance. The sleek SUV has a torque of 360Nm and 110KW of power—an impressive amount of watts to get around the whole family plus ample luggage. 

Although the Mitsubishi Outlander isn't a sport vehicle, unlike other sports vehicles currently for sale (for example, the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport), the Outlander has a sports car-like aura in it. It comes with remarkable acceleration that outshines market competitors.

Touch Screen with Smartphone Display Audio

The Smartphone Display Audio is another feature of the Mitsubishi Outlander. It links with your smartphone through the AppleCarPlay2 or Android AutoTM1. Its seven-inch touch screen allows you to use your device: make/receive phone calls, receive/send messages, play music or, navigate your way through.

The screen adapts to basic tasks on your device as well as other compatible apps on your smartphone.

Designed for Full Hands

This Mitsubishi Outlander gives you relief for the times you're approaching with busy hands. It comes with a smart key that helps you to open or close doors and tailgate.

It also has a one-touch start feature that allows you to start the engine without using the manual key.

This smartphone linkage feature of the Mitsubishi Outlander helps during shopping and getting kids from school.

Safety Technology

The Mitsubishi Outlander shines in its safety technology design. The SUV comes with standard airbags in different parts of its interior. The Outlander supplies warnings when you're already leaving your lane, as well as mitigates forward mitigation.

The Outlander supplies an alert in its rear while crossing traffic and a blind-spot warning as well.

This Mitsubishi Outlander supplies what you need for a large family and long-distance trips. It offers you rugged features plus a smart carriage to wade through rough terrains. Its smartphone linkage feature offers you hands-free usage of your mobile devices for your luxury, as well as automatic channels of opening your car doors or starting the engine. Combine all these with its economical fuel consumption rate, and you have a ride you might want to buy.