Whenever you need a regular service, repair, or part replacement for your Kia car, you should go nowhere but to the kia dealer service department for sure. The dealer service departments offer extensive benefits for Kia car owners who need auto services. It’s tempting to use services in auto shops but there are more reasons why you should use Kia dealer services for your Kia car.

Reliable Standard Services

Once you take your Kia car to the kia dealer service department nearby, it would be handled by the manufacturer-trained-certified technicians with a standard of operation. Whether it’s for repair, replacement, or routine services, the dealership services have the best possible. On the other hand, the only official service department has KIA diagnostic tools designed for KIA cars. The technicians can provide straightforward solutions for any issues you might have experienced with your KIA car.

Complete Genuine Parts

Despite the technicians, the Kia dealership is where you should for genuine parts whenever your car needs replacements. They practically have all the spare parts your need and you can always trust the quality. A kia dealer service department can indent parts from KIA when they’re not currently available. Genuine parts are very important for any replacement since it has the best quality in durability, precision, etc. The auto shop may offer you non-genuine or OEM parts that have lower quality than the genuine ones. Besides, some KIA-specific parts are only available in dealerships. On the other hand, the Kia dealership’s technicians are trained to replace parts without damaging your car.

Build Kia Service Records

To keep your Kia car purchase warranty intact, you need to build service records at the kia service department which is the official auto service. You should at least follow the service schedule on the owner’s manual book. Not only for warranty requirements, but Kia service records can also lift your car value whenever you want to sell it. Second Kia cars with dealership service records generally have higher appraisal than the ones serviced in non-official auto shops. Dealers and buyers have more trust in dealer-serviced Kia cars and are willing to pay more for this quality deal.

Servicing your car in a kia service department is very convenient. Not only that they have all the parts you need and a professional technician to handle your car, but you can also conveniently book your service online through the Kia website. There, you can find the nearest Kia dealership and order your parts online. You can also get informed with relevant services based on your registration number, age, and mileage as well as the fixed price servicing packages. On the other hand, Kia dealerships usually have a convenient waiting room for their clients.


When it comes to Kia car services, a kia service department has everything you need including the service coverage, genuine parts, and Kia-trained professional mechanics. With the manufacturer’s high standard of services and products, dealer servicing ensures the best performance of your Kia car. Besides, it’s the most convenient way to get your Kia car properly serviced. For more information, visit their website at http://toowongkia.com.au/.