With such a wide range of motorcycles available, it can be difficult to choose the right one, let alone know where to start. A motorcycle is a big purchase, so you want to get it right the first time. 

Here are eight things you should consider before buying a motorcycle to help you make the right choice. 

Your level of experience

Your level of riding experience is an important factor to consider when you buy a motorcycle. 

Your experience level can give you an indication of the best type of bikes to be looking at. Some riders may be more experienced at certain types of riding, such as off-road riding, but have not spent as much time riding through heavy traffic. If this is your first motorbike, you may have no experience at all. 

Various motorcycle models are better suited to specific levels of experience, so you want to buy a motorcycle that complements your experience. Beginners or older riders may want something like a harley-davidson tri glide to ease them into driving a motorcycle.

A more experienced rider may also be able to consider bikes with more power, or with heavier frames, as they will have more confidence handling the motorbike. 

If you’re buying a motorbike for the first time, ensure you have the proper training and licencing so you can ride safely. 


Consider what you are buying a motorcycle for. Are you planning a long cross country road trip, or do you want an easier way to commute to work?

From cruisers and touring bikes, to sports and dirt bikes, there are many different motorcycles available. If you know the type of riding you’ll be doing most often, you’ll have a much better idea of the type of motorbike you’ll need. For example, you don’t want to buy a dirt bike if you’re planning long-distance road trips. 


Have a budget in mind before you start shopping. A motorcycle is a big investment and you don’t want to fall in love with a bike outside your price range. 

A set budget can help you narrow the search to models that suit your finances. There are also more financial aspects to consider than just the cost of the bike itself. 

Insurance is essential when buying a motorbike to protect you in the case of an accident, theft or damage to your bike.

Many dealers will have their own motorcycle financing and insurance options, so it’s worth discussing with them to get the best deal. 

New or used

There are many motorcycles on the market, both new and used. 

While the idea of a brand new motorbike is appealing, it can be worth considering buying a used bike, especially for first-time motorcycle buyers. A used bike will be more worn, so new riders may be less concerned with damaging it. It can also be more affordable to buy a used motorcycle and then buy bike parts online if anything needs updating. 

If you do buy a second-hand motorbike, be careful buying it from a private seller rather than a dealer, ensure it is in good condition and safe to ride before you buy it. 

Whether you choose a new or used motorbike, make sure you buy one that is best suited to your needs. Depending on your style and taste in bikes, new Harley-Davidson motorcycles in Houston could very well be right up your alley.

Try out a few different bikes

If you’re not sure what you’re after or have never bought a motorcycle before, the choices can be overwhelming. 

If possible, take a few different models on a test ride. Trying out different bikes will give you a feel for them and help you determine if it is right for you. 

Find the right fit

Your physique can be a determining factor in buying the right motorcycle. It is definitely not a case of one size fits all. There can be a significant variation in seat heights, handlebar and footpeg positioning across motorcycle models. 

Try out any motorbikes you like to get a feel for them and make sure they are a good fit. While you might love the appearance of a particular model, make sure your hands and feet can comfortably reach the handlebars and footpegs. The seating position also needs to allow your body to rest in a comfortable position for long periods of time. 

If the fit is not right, ask about whether adjustments can be made. Or ask to be shown similar models that might fit you better. 

There would be nothing worse than buying a bike only to later discover that it’s really uncomfortable because your legs are folded up, or your back is hunched over. 

The engine

Your experience level can impact the type of engine you should be considering. First-time buyers may not want one that is too powerful and may be harder to handle. Whereas riders with more experience will feel more confident about handling a stronger engine. 

You also want to choose an engine that is suitable for the type of riding you’ll be doing. If your reason for buying a motorcycle is daily commuting, consisting of short trips, you will not need an engine as powerful as a bike designed for long-distance riding. 

The gear

If you’re planning on buying a motorcycle, then you’ll also need to have the right gear. 

If you’ve owned a motorcycle before, you might already have some of the gear you need, otherwise, you’ll need to buy it. 

There is a lot of necessary gear associated with the purchase of a bike, including helmet, protective outer layers, gloves and boots. 

Having the right gear provides you with protection against the elements and also in the case of an accident.