If you’re a frequent long-distance driver, or even just a commuter who needs to get from A to B on a regular basis, you want to ensure that you can rely on your car when you need it. This means that it needs to be able to last a while without having to be refilled with gas, that it’s versatile enough to deal with different tasks, and that it’s sturdy enough so that it won’t break down. 

Reliability with a car is perhaps the single most important feature that new car buyers need to consider when searching for a new vehicle. To help those individuals make a sensible choice and invest in a good car, here’s a look at the three most reliable ones of the year. 

Mitsubishi ASX 

Japanese manufactured cars consistently rank in the top 10 of various studies to determine the most reliable car, with the Toyota Yaris also being a good option from Asia. However, the Mitsubishi is more recommended simply because of its sturdiness and safety features. 

Another reason why it ranks so well as being a reliable car is that it has great versatility. With it’s spacious trunk and ample legroom, this car is as well suited to shopping trips as it is long road trips, meaning that it’ll be there for you for whatever reason you need it for. 

It also very infrequently breaks down, meaning that you won’t have to splash the cash on repairs and maintenance too frequently. It also comes with a warranty that has no mileage limit, making it a great car to buy pre-owned from Autouncle.

Audi Q3

The Audi Q3 has been a joy to drive for many of its thousands of owners across the world, thanks to its low fault probability. The petrol version of this model is a great, reliable car to get as there’s very slim chance of any issues cropping up during your ownership. 

And if issues do arise, it’s been found that the majority of the time they’ve been cosmetic faults in stuff like the bodywork or non-engine related issues with the electronics, which are easy to fix and are inexpensive. It’s also a great option due to how well it drives as well as its elegant looks, making it a car that you can be proud to own. 

Lexus CT

For drivers who want to be able to invest in a car and be able to reliably drive it for years to come, there’s not many better options to go for than a Lexus. The CT hybrid model is the best one to go for as not only is it really dependable for most motoring situations, it’s also a really environmentally-friendly car thanks to that electric motor. 

The hybrid nature of the cars means that you don’t have to fill up as frequently, making it cheaper to own, but because it still uses petrol you can use any station you want, instead of having to go out your way to find a gas station that supports electric charging, making it a really convenient option.