A car accident settlement helps you get back on your feet, physically and financially. But getting a car accident settlement often involves a protracted legal fight with a stingy insurance company, which means you could wait months or years for the money you desperately need now. 

That is why some people consider using a pre-settlement funding company to get the cash they need for their daily living expenses. After all, your financial obligations do not cease after a car accident. You may have tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills, and you cannot work or not as much as you used to. 

Pre-settlement funding is a way to get the cash you need today before your car accident claim settles. If you are thinking about pre-settlement funding while waiting for your settlement, please consider these benefits: 

No Added Costs

Most of the time, all costs related to a pre-settlement advance are recovered when you settle your case. This means you get the money you need right now without having to pay a bill later. 

When you compare this option to payday loans are credit card advances, you pay a lot less out of pocket. 

Money When You Are Out of Work

A considerable problem with car accident settlements and lawsuits is you may be too injured to work. But now is the time your expenses are highest, and you need money now. You can quickly find yourself behind on your mortgage, car payment, and other essential costs with no money coming in. 

Pre-settlement funding lets you get the cash you need while you cannot work. This gives you a lot of peace of mind as you put your life back together. 


Car accident settlements often take time - a lot of time. In many cases, once the pre-settlement company approves your application, you can receive your funds in a few days. 

Keep Your Savings

Many people like to save money for a rainy day, which is a good habit. But all it takes is a serious car accident, putting you out of work for months, and your savings are gone. Most of us do not have enough money put away to survive with no income for months on end. 

Pre-settlement funding lets you keep your savings and tap your future settlement cash today. 

No Credit Check

Waiting for a settlement often means relying on credit cards to survive. Eventually, you max out your cards and can no longer make payments, ruining your credit. 

But with pre-settlement funding, you do not need credit because this type of financing is not a loan. It is merely an advance on money you will get down the road. 

The pre-settlement funding company is taking a risk that your case will resolve successfully and advances you the money you will have. If your case results in no settlement for you, there is no loan for you to pay back. 

Insurance Problems

You paid for years on your auto insurance. But when you are injured in an accident, the insurance company may press you to take a quick settlement. The insurance company is in the profit business and will pressure you to take as little money as possible. 

Pre-settlement funding lets you wait it out and get the settlement you deserve. 

If you were hurt in a car accident and have been waiting months for the case to settle, you may want to consider pre-settlement funding so you can pay for everything you need today. There is no risk for you, so it makes a lot of sense.