One of the most respected vintage cars in the sports category is the BMW 2002 series. This classic beauty has everything you want in a car.  It is sleek and fun to drive, boasts of top range specifications and distinctive features that will blow your mind away. 

Most classic vehicles have a common flaw, which includes fragile handling. Thus, they are all prone to damages while driving at a high speed. However, with the BMW 2002 series, you don't need to worry because this beautifully engineered and solid 4-wheeled automobile takes care of that. This makes the vehicle one of the most sorted classic vehicles in history. 

it goes without saying that the BMW 2002 series is not the easiest car to come by. Even if you finally were able to purchase this fantastic and classic vehicle, chances are that some of the features would have been altered, replaced, or sold. Then, you are left with a car that is way below par. 

If you don't want to fall victim of buying BMW 2002 with inferior qualities, read on to discover how I purchased my BMW 2002 in perfect condition.  

What does the BMW 2002 model look like? 

The BMW 2002 Series was one of the best car models that BMW ever produced. It was first mass produced in 1968, and has many features which reminds one of the Datsun 510 model. 

The BMW 2002 series started with a twin Solex 40 carburetors and a world-class engine offering about 119 horsepower rating,  and a high speed of 115 mph. It was the real deal! 

A typical classic BMW 2002 series weighs about 2,300 lbs., which makes it easy to deliver top-notch service to its users. 

It has a great visibility and excellent features which add up to make it one of the most reliable, durable, high performing, spacious, and yet, relatively affordable automobiles of the time.

How to find BMW 2002 for sale in perfect condition?

Despite all the great features that comes with this vehicle, purchasing a BMW 2002 series these days could be heartbreaking. It is still very much affordable, but getting one in a perfect condition is a tad bit challenging.

So anyone hoping to buy a BMW 2002 should pay attention to the fine details of how I got myself one in the right condition to avoid stories that touch. 

Let's dive in without any further delay.

Check The Front End for Damage

During my search for the BMW 2002 series, I came across one in an auction. It was pleasant to the eyes. and looked spotless. However, after a closer look at the vehicle, I noticed that the front end has suffered a little damage. 

The previous owner of this beauty must have been careless while driving. You should know that there are certain things you mustn't do when driving the 72' model. I would later find out that the model was specifically developed in such a way that if you mistakenly touch the brakes mid-corner, they are likely to swap their ends quickly. And that is as good as saying bye to the front end of the car. 

So, inspect the front end of the BMW 2002 carefully, and make sure to be on your best behaviour when you finally buy the car so you don't damage the front end too soon.

Take a Good Look at the Rear Control Arm 

It would be a good idea if you took the time to inspect vital parts such as the rear control arm. Doing this prevents you from spending  additional costs on repairs and maintenance. 

Insurance companies have written off some of these cars because they are obsolete. So your insurance may not be able to cover it. Lift the car and check the rear control arm attachment points. 

You should also check the point where the sub-frame links with the unibody. If you notice any cracks, holes, or rusts in any of those areas, I would advise you to refrain from purchasing that vehicle. Otherwise, you will end up battling with repairs for the rest of the year.

Check the Trunk

The BMW 2002 Series possesses a clamshell design on the rear trunk and the front hood. It is a standard design in which the engine encapsulates all the fenders or part of the fenders. When using these types of classic vehicles, you must ensure that they are parked away from any water source. 

I checked the rear trunk lid, window seal, deck lip, header panel, and the hinges. And to my surprise. they were all rusted, mostly because the design of the trunk lid's clamshell  made it easy for water to enter. As a result, one of the imminent problems with this car is the ability of the metal parts to get corroded. Therefore, you want to check the trunk properly, before purchasing that fancy BMW 2002 series your neighbor wants to sell to you.

Replacement is an Option 

Nowadays, it is impossible to see a brand new BMW 2002 series because many other  models have been developed. However, if you wish to get your hands on these 'bad boys,' there are many places you can purchase them either online or offline. 

One thing you must understand is that you may never find a perfect classic. However, using the guidelines listed above, you can purchase a perfectly working BMW 2002 model without much stress. On another note, you can easily replace the threadbare seat, and all the worn-out parts of the vehicle with new ones if the seller is willing to accept a smaller price.

Final Remark: Finding BMW 2002 For Sale in Perfect Condition

If you don't want to end up spending all your income on repairs, maintenance, and part replacements, ensure you go through this article.

No doubt, the BMW 2002 series are incredible automobiles that rocked the 70s, and they are still very much in high demand. 

Do your due diligence, stay away from those with rusted body parts and  carefully inspect the nooks and crannies of the BMW 2002  before cutting the cheque to avoid sad stories.