Using the same old soap solution to clean your car? While it is easy to clean the car exterior on your own and you can even vacuum the interiors but deep cleaning your car can be a more tedious and trickier task, hence we have come up with a few hacks to clean your car spot-free.

1. Lint Roller to Clean the Seats:

If you have kids and friends who love to eat snacks in the car while traveling, crumbs can get all over your seat. Keeping a quality link roller in your car can get handy to easily clean the spills and messes. This also works if you own a pet that gets pet hair everywhere.

2. Make-Up Brushes to Clean Air Vents:

Cleaning the air vents with regular cleaning tools is tough, as you will not be able to get the dust out of there. Use mini cleaning tools like a makeup brush, which can easily reach the small vent openings and give it a thorough clean effortlessly.

3. Toothpaste for Headlights:

Want your headlights to look absolutely new? We have a simple and amazing hack for this. Just use your toothpaste on a rag and make use of it to clean the headlights. Once clean you can see crystal clear lights just like when the car was new.

4. Clean the Windshield:

Windshield wipers accumulate dirt over time as they are not in use frequently. So when in need, they may smudge your screen rather than wipe it. To clean the wipers, use rubbing alcohol to wipe them down. This will clear out all the accumulated dirt and prevent wipers from leaving smears on the windshield.

5. Deep Clean the Leather Upholstery:

The seats may not look dirty if dark, but they accumulate dust and dirt slowly. You can mix vinegar and baking soda and scrub it on the seat to take away the dirt, which you never knew was there. This will help in getting rid of any weird smell from the car.

6. Use Cupcake Liners into the Cup-Holders: 

One of the easiest places where crumbles and dirt accumulate is in the cup holders, but cleaning it without a vacuum cleaner is tough. Why let it get dirty in the first place? Just get similar sized silicone cupcake liners and place it in the cup-holders. Now the cup-holders will never get dirty, and the dirt accumulated in the cup-holder can be cleaned easily by removing it.

7. Do Not Forget to Clean the Mats:

Floor mats are the dirtiest of all as we do not know what not to drag along with our footwear. Clean it with a brush and detergent. You have to be thorough in cleaning the mats by applying plenty of water pressure.

The Bottom Line- Clean on a Regular Basis:

Well, all the above advice may help you give your car a deep cleaning, but nothing can beat the fact that the best way to keep your car clean is to clean it on a regular basis. This will make sure that the dirt gets cleaned before it settles deeper. It is not necessary to stick to a car cleaning routine. You can do it anytime while waiting for your spouse or when you are in no mood to hit the gym. Break the tasks and clean one part of it every other day, which will only take 5 to 10 minutes of your time. This way your car will always remain clean.

All of us lead a busy life, and many of us find it impossible to give dedicated car-cleaning time. If you are unable to clean your car, that does not mean your car should be left ignored. Next time when you visit a mall or halt for a meeting, just call the best car wash in Pasadena to your doorsteps. Experts will give your car a deep wash and clean in no time, including exteriors and interiors with their special cleaning agents to make your car shine as new.

The most important piece of advice we can give you here is, do not wait for the car to get dirty, clean it before it even gets there.