Moving heavy objects was one of the most time-consuming and challenging tasks in warehouses. Lifting heavy weights that exceeded human capacity would not only put workers at higher risks of getting seriously injured but would also drag companies into liability cases. But with the invention of forklifts, all these hurdles were lifted out of the way.

These industrial vehicles invented to lift heavy objects for a short distance have proven their worth over time for industrial usage. Owing to their purpose and utility, manufacturers always come with models that are quicker, safer, and more functional than their predecessors. 

Some brands have been exceptionally innovative and outperformed their competitors. If you are looking for a perfect forklift for your warehouse, we have rounded up and highlighted the best brands that are topping the charts in 2020.

The KION Group 

This German company dominates the material handling equipment industry in Europe and is the largest producer of electric forklifts worldwide. Leading forklift brands like STILL, Baoli, Linde, and Dematic are off-springs of this company. 

Founded in the year 2006, its off-springs are the highly-rated material handling brands in the world. Their forklifts are always top-notch in terms of their functionality and quality. The company is known for its usage of heavy duty forklift parts to ensure that the vehicles run smooth and problem-free in various drivetrains. 


Toyota, the leading car manufacturer, is also one of the leading producers of Forklifts in the world. It manufactures these vehicles under its TIEM (Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing) line. 

Toyota produces a pool of forklifts tailored for various industries. Its product range comprises forklifts of various load capacities and drive trains. Right from electric forklifts, combustion forklifts, pallet jacks, order pickers to reach trucks, this globally-recognized automobile manufacturer has many amazing models under its roof. 

Mitsubishi Logisnext Co. Ltd. 

Mitsubishi is a renowned name in the world of automobiles, and its range of material handling equipment stands out amongst its competitors. 

Mitsubishi’s material handling vehicles are sold under various brands, including Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks, CAT Lift Trucks, Rocla, TCM, Nichiyu Electric Forklift, and UniCarriers. All of them are renowned in the market and compete mast to mast with its competitors.


Yale is one of the oldest and most reliable names in the industry. Actively working since 1920, Yale joined hands with Hyster to emerge as an invincible name. 

Currently, more than 830000 Hyster and Yale lift trucks are operating worldwide. This speaks volumes about the experience, trust, reach and expansion the brand has achieved over years.  


Komatsu is a Japanese heavy industrial machinery manufacturer and supplier. Its forklift sales account for 6% of its business sales. 

The company focuses on manufacturing the most coming-of-age forklifts capable of lifting tons of weight. Its range of forklift includes narrow aisle forklift equipment, electric forklifts, pneumatic forklifts, and cushion forklifts. Its range of 36V and 48V forklifts are widely used in various industrial setups. 

The Jungheinrich Group 

Electric forklifts, combustion forklifts, or manual powered machinery; the Jungheinrich Group has a range of forklifts that are built for the varied requirements in the industry. With this range of forklifts for various work environments and capacities, the brand offers new, used, as well as rental forklifts. Its forklift product line comprises order pickers, reach trucks, and pallet trucks. 


Hiab has made a name for itself with its truck-mounted forklifts that are available in an array of sizes. Not long ago, this Swedish manufacturer acquired Princeton and the PiggyBack series. 

The MOFFETT model of forklifts is considered to be their best product as it can be easily maneuvered through tight spaces. 

Anhui Heli Co. Ltd.

Anhui Heli is a Chinese manufacturer of construction equipment. With a turnover of US$1 billion for forklifts, it is the largest forklift maker in China and the 7th largest in the world. They manufacture engine-powered forklifts, forklift trucks, battery-operated forklift machinery, and electric forklifts that are wide-spread and established globally. 


The above round-up of brands are leading the industry in forklifts. They guarantee the effectiveness of their machinery and ensure cost-effective maintenance. These forklift manufacturers live up to their reputation by persistently upgrading their current products and introducing something new and better in their new product lines with each passing year. When you browse for forklifts, you can invest in the above brands with confidence.