Do you have a car that you need to transport from one place to another? Are you considering renting a car trailer? Car trailer rental has never been easier. It’s as simple as going to a rental company and selecting the type of trailer you need to get the job done. 

What to Know About Car Trailers?

When it comes to car trailers, there is an array of different options to choose from. Your ideal options would depend largely on what you need to tow and how far you need to tow. Here are a few interesting points to consider when you’re looking to hire a car trailer. 

What do you Use a Car Trailer For?

There are several reasons to use a car trailer. You might be moving to a new house and need to move one of your vehicles to your new place. It’ll be cheaper to move the vehicle yourself than to hire a moving company to do it.

Another reason people often use car trailers is to transport their antique cars to motor shows. If you’re taking your car to a mechanic, it might also be cheaper to use a car trailer than opting for a towing company. 

Types of Car Trailers

When it comes to car trailers, there are a number of options to choose from: 

Tilt car trailers: With these trailers, the complete bed tilts to facilitate a slow loading angle that will hold the loading and hauling of low-ground-clearance sports cars. These trailers are user friendly and make loading of vehicles very easy. 
Open car trailers: These trailers have no sidewalls. They can also house more than one vehicle. They’re approximately 18 to 20 feet long and are usually made of aluminium. Because these trailers are basic and uncomplicated, they’re considered one of the most economical trailers on the market. 
Enclosed car trailers: These are ordinarily about 20ft in length and somewhat pricier than the open car trailer variant. The walls and roofing shield the towed car from any harmful elements like hail. This is the way that luxury cars are transported. They also have a few other features such as rubberised flooring, overhead cabinets and insulated walls. 
Gooseneck car trailers: These car trailers are available in an assortment of designs. Some designs include an entire floor. The usual weight is around 13,600kg of hauled weight. By using a hitch ball and bolted into place these trailers have a strong reputation for strength. They can also make closer turns compared to ordinary trailers that connect with the rear of the tow vehicle. 
Single car trailer: Usually, this type of car trailer is available from 7000 to 12000 GVWRs (gross Vehicle Weight Rating) with between 17 feet and 25 feet lengths. Strong frames are usually built with channel wrap around tongues and radial tyres. 

Is Towing a Car Trailer Bad for Your Car?

It’s important to remember that all towing vehicles have a maximum weight that they can safely tow. Exceeding that limit and increasing the weight that your vehicle is supposed to tow could cause potential damage to the vehicle in question. This could also lead to extreme wear and tear.

What is Needed to Tow a Trailer?

It’s important to know that not all vehicles are made for towing. Each car has a limit to the amount of weight it can tow.

Here are the crucial components necessary to be able to successfully tow a car:

Trailer hitch receiver: Trailer hitch adapters attach to the underside of the vehicle. 
Ball mount: This is also known as a drawbar and slides into the trailer hitch opening. 
Pin and clip: This device is used to hold the ball mount inside the trailer hitch receiver opening. 
Trailer hitch ball: The ball sits on the mount and provides the attachment point for the trailer. 
Wiring harness: This harness provides power and signals to the lights of a trailer. It’s a legal requirement for all vehicles that tow trailers to have a wiring harness to power the trailer’s lights.

4 Factors to Consider When Renting a Trailer

There are a few factors to consider when renting a trailer, such as:

Purpose: Be clear with the rental company about the exact purpose you need the trailer for. They can give proper advice and you’ll be certain to get the correct trailer for the job on hand.
Duration: How long you need the trailer for will determine the cost. Calculate it efficiently and plan thoroughly so that you don’t end up spending more money than necessary. 
Budget: Calculate a maximum amount you’re able to spend on your entire task, so you can quickly identify relevant quotes. 
Company: Do proper research to ensure you get the best deal in town, as well as quality trailers.


Renting a car trailer can save you a lot of time and money. By ensuring you have the necessary components on the towing vehicle, you’ll have your towing done effectively AND safely!