A leaking radiator, cracked gasket, changing piston rings, rust and worn down break-pads are just a few reasons why you may be stuck with a non running car or truck. 

Luckily we have compiled 6 great ways to get rid of that old banher if you have been banging your head against the wall asking yourself “how can I sell my non running car”. However, there are various ways to do so.

6 Ways to Get Rid of a Non Running Car Today

Placing an advert on eBay, Craigslist or a Classified ad would be a good place to start. Specify if you are willing to sell in parts as there are people who may want replacements. There are also others hoping to buy as scrap and later sell at a profit.

If you want to sell as one unit, be ready to put in the time and effort because it takes time to sell a vehicle. You may also have to answer calls at odd hours from prospective clients. 

Be sure to go through with the buyer all that is and not functioning in the vehicle. This is to avoid future misunderstandings.

Another option, I would recommend to get rid of a non running car is to first repair it then sell at a higher price. You may find yourself getting back what you used to repair the vehicle in the first place.

Having scrap yard dealers come pick it up for you is also another option. However, they will pay you a discounted price. Though it's also an advantage cause you don't have to look for a breakdown to tow it to their yard. 

Another pro is, once they leave with the car, you have transferred every other obligation to them. For example, knowing what to recycle, what not to and how to dispose of batteries safely. You will also have freed your parking space.

Ever thought of donating it? There are charity organizations that take cars as donations. You can have the value of the car deducted from your taxes at a later date and hence earn you some money. However, be on the lookout for car donation scams.

Another option is to get your car evaluated. How much is it worth? Is it enough to be traded in? This is like using it as a coupon for your next car. 

There are car dealers who can give a few dollars in exchange for your car. In fact, the easiest way is to search Google and sell your non running car or truck online. There are some great companies who will even include collection.

Dismantling the car piece by piece is also another idea. It may get you the most money but it would be hard work. It would take a lot of effort and space to store the pieces. You can later sell the different parts to recycling plants and it may generate more income. 

As for the engine and transmission, their value depends on the mileage. Airbags and seats their value depends on which type and condition. Their prices vary. Though this option may be favorable it's good to note that once you dismantle your car, scrap dealers could take it at a lower price.

Which way are you going to get rid of your non runner?

Personally, I would sell it online. There are some great companies who specialise in buying broken vehicles in any condition. If you can find one who will give you a quote online, then come and collect the vehicle; you should be happy. It will certainly be easier than the dismantling option.