Newly reintroduced MOT testing dates have caught out millions of motorists across the UK, as the government reopens society after the Covid 19 pandemic lockdown. With drivers suddenly scrambling for testing slots which are disappearing fast, many would welcome any assistance they could get to ensure they don’t miss out on any future expiry dates. This is a good time, then, to remind car, van and motorcycle owners of an automated reminder service which has been in circulation in one form or another since 2017; the DVSA’s ‘Get MOT Reminders’ service.

Expiry and renewal delays

For many motorists, the recent six month MOT exemption period was just one more example of a reason to “file” their driver and vehicle documentation out of sight and out of mind. Unfortunately, for a lot of people, motoring renewals are something of a pain; a necessary evil which is often left until the last minute, or possibly later. Very common reasons for this are a lack of time and money; booking and going through an MOT costs both, and in some cases quite a bit of the latter.

Of course, this is a vicious circle; the less you get your vehicle checked, the more likely it is to suffer from problems which will be costly to fix. However, the fact remains that many drivers put off dealing with MOT and other renewals until they absolutely have to. Getting into this habit is easy to do, so that missing expiry dates changes from being accidental to deliberate as time goes by. With the recent exemption period added to the mix, this could mean even more paperwork shoved to the back of drawers or glove compartments.

Helpful reminder services

In 2017, the DVSA introduced the first version of its Get MOT Reminders service. The idea of this was to send out reminders to motorists one month before their MOT expiry date was due. To sign up, all the driver needs to do is enter their vehicle registration number, plus a mobile phone number or email address (this service is not available in Northern Ireland, where postal reminders are sent out seven weeks prior to the expiry date).

Having been through a couple of testing cycles, the Get MOT Reminders service is now up and running; hopefully there will be a bigger take up after 2020’s tumultuous experiences. Getting reminders from the DVSA doesn’t mean you have to take notice of them, of course; those who like to keep their head in the sand will still be able to do so. 

However, for responsible motorists, having this easy to use, automated reminder should save a lot of stress, not to mention time and money. While you’re at it, there is also a similar road tax reminder alert service available.

Get your test booked now

If you don’t have the Get MOT Reminders service, all you need to do is enter your Reg. number into this online checker to find out our expiry date. Then, book your test using the handy booking form; no reminder needed.