The number of cars in New Zealand has been growing exponentially since 1986. This is where scrapping has come to play its part in Auckland. Following the mantra of reuse, reduce, recycle, selling a car for cash has become a need of the world in the difficult times of environmental crisis.

With a rise in environmental damage caused by vehicles and industrialisation, it was high time that we reduced pollution, for life to survive on Earth. The exchange of cash for cars in Auckland and across the country is part of the vehicle recycling process where automobiles are dismantled for spare parts or scrap metal. This has become a part of the automobile industry to encourage environmental protection. It is also an act of social responsibility for sustainable use of energy.

Here are 5 reasons to get rid of an old car for cash.

1. High maintenance

With regular use, your old car’s mileage goes up but so does the need for replacement of certain parts, to keep it running smoothly. Your good old car that you are so fond of leads to expenses that can be avoided. The new fuel standards will not fit in your old car and nor will the luxurious interiors hold any value.

1. New car!

You can use the money from your old car to buy a new one. 
Apart from the spick and span condition of your new car, it saves on a lot of unnecessary expenses in your old car, which is going to cost you more as time passes. It not only requires more oil or gas to keep it running but might also struggle to fit into the new environmental standards for automobiles.

2. Garage space

Apart from the high maintenance of your old car, it occupies a large amount of space in your garage. Your old car is in a condition in which it cannot be used on a regular basis and as a result, it sits in your garage, occupying the space which could be used for something else. Due to its junk-like condition, it becomes the home of pest and rust. You might have a sentimental attachment to your old car, but it is of no use if it puts a hole in your pocket for just being ‘old’.

3. Damaged car

Some of the problems of keeping an old car is that it sits in your garage unused, and when used it damages its own engine. The more damaged your car, the lesser is the resale value and the more money you spend on its maintenance. A problem in the car when fixed might recur and persist. The problems might escalate with the rainy season and it might become extremely difficult to keep the car in a functional state.

4. Better late than never!

Maintaining an old car is an expensive affair but reaching the state of uselessness is all the more difficult as you fail to get a good resale value. So, it is better that you sell your old car when it is in a usable condition than regretting later for selling your old scrap at the price of peanuts. The sentimental attachment does you no good if you simply have to give away your old car, with negligible scrap value. 


Selling off an old car can be a huge step towards environmental protection. The unhealthy emissions of your old car not only affect the environment but also your health in the long run. Save nature and yourself as you sell the old car and reuse, recycle to create something that is more sustainable and environmentally friendly.