Design, power and affordability – three words that describes Ford Mustang, first launched in 1964, the best. Probably the fans of classic sport cars have at least once considered purchasing a Ford Mustang. Who knows, maybe some reading this article are still considering to buy this design icon? Is it a car you are really looking for? What do you have to pay attention to? Have a look at these few things you should consider before buying this one of the most beloved America’s sports cars:

First of all, know exactly what model you are looking for. This will not only narrow the search field but will also make it easier for you to resist a reckless car purchase that you may regret. When choosing a car model, don’t think about what your friends or co-workers like. Think about which Ford Mustang model you would not hesitate to buy if you had opportunity to do so? This will definitely put you on the right path and will help to decide.

Secondly, after you know exactly what do you need, you should find out why the particular car is being sold. A rare salesperson tells the real reasons for the sale openly and sincerely. If the reason for the sale is related to the condition of the car, a certain recurring breakdown or defect, it is normal that the potential buyer is deterred by this. So, if you only have an opportunity, buy from people or businesses you know, trust or at least from the ones having good feedback. 

Thirdly, make sure you have the opportunity to test the car and have it checked by an independent mechanic before you buy it. If you receive a “No” answer to at least one of these questions from the seller, this is a red flag. It signals you to remove this particular car from your wish list and keep searching for the best one. If the car has no flaws, the owner has nothing to fear and will definitely let you to try it and inspect by a professional to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the car. After assessing the condition, wear and tear of the car and its individual parts, a professional mechanic will be able to immediately say whether or not it will be necessary to make additional investments after purchasing this car. Don’t be fooled by seller‘s various excuses and reasons why a test drive or inspection by a professional mechanic is impossible.

Finally, if you are about to buy a Ford Mustang then you probably know that it needs a lot of gas. If gas-efficiency is important to you, pay attention to this before choosing a car model. While average fuel consumption do not vary much on different Ford Mustang classic models, yet it will definitely save some money in your wallet.