When it comes to the finer things in life, we know to look for.  We look for extreme detail in craft and design, the finest materials, and the most thoughtful touches.  We look for the extra mile, the understated elegance that true luxury brings.  The comfortability and convenience that make life easier and more enjoyable.  

Crafting a luxury RV is no different.  When RV manufactures create luxury RVs, no expense is spared as they hone in on bringing elements of the outdoors inside the vehicle so that the owner of the RV is immersed in a full outdoor experience, even when inside the trailer.    

What particular stylistic flourishes and design elements make a luxury RV truly “luxury?”  Here are five things you can count on finding a luxury RV. 

1.     WiFi and cellular boosters.  One of the most highly sought after features in a luxury RV are signal boosters.  Even though you want to get “off-grid” and unplug, the reality is, deadlines still must be met, phone calls must be made, and the security of being connected makes us feel safer.  Additionally, let’s face it-we love sharing photos and videos with our family and friends, and being able to search for nearby attractions or happenings.  All of these things are possible when you have a luxury RV with a WiFi and/or cellular booster built in. 
2.     In-floor heating.  A great luxury RV will naturally be capable of travel during all twelve months  and/or cellular booster built in.  tions or happof the year, regardless of extreme temperature changes.  But that ability diminishes in impressiveness if your RV cannot keep you comfortable in the temps it can stand up to.  The availability of heated flooring not only keeps your feet toasty but keeps the entire cabin warm as the heat emanates from the floor and rises to the ceiling, heating the air as it does so. 

3.     Luxury Finishes.  Finishes mean everything.  A luxury RV will have exquisite finishes that are both aesthetically pleasing and sustainable.  Look for real wood interiors, teak showers, stainless steel galley countertops and appliances, full length mirrors, yours and mine wardrobes, and spa-like shower heads. 

Another luxury finish is bedding.  While a standard RV will essentially provide the most basic of bedding, a luxury RV will provide optional king size sleeping arrangements with hotel grade mattresses and linens. 
4.     Exterior sustainability.  A true luxury RV will be crafted from sustainable, high grade material that is both attractive and aerodynamically shaped.  Consider aluminum exteriors when shopping for a luxury RV, as high quality aluminum is not only gorgeous to the eye, but environmentally friendly, extremely lightweight, making it effective for gas conservation.  Additionally, tough, high quality aluminum can withstand weather and harsh road conditions without risk of scratching, denting, or other damage. 
5.     Off-Grid Powering.  Any RV can take you places, and some can even keep you comfortable and connected “off-grid,” where there is no ground electric hook-up.  However, a luxury RV will have a battery that can power it for upwards of two weeks with no ground electrical.  This means your ability to camp at state parks or go boondocking need not be limited by extreme weather that requires heating and cooling, or by inability to power your RV for more than a few hours. 

Luxury RVs are a great investment for anyone who wishes to become a true land traveler.  If your mission is to get out of the house and onto the open road, exploring as much of the countryside as possible, a luxury liner can take you there in style and provide you with all the comforts and conveniences you would expect while staying in a high quality hotel.