The domination of XS powered battery in the car audio competition isn’t something new or shocking to know. It has been in the business for a very long time and chooses to dominate the industry for years to come. They have reached and set a benchmark in the industry for being the best in the power cell industry. 

The XS Power Titan8 is one versatile product in their list, that proves to deliver versatile, compact, durable, and a highly affordable car battery. It is setting high standards and expectations which is worth considering. 

Overview of Titan 8 Series:

For ultimate output, greater satisfaction, and high standards lithium Titanate Oxide, this Titan 
8 XS power is an extremely high-power lithium cell. 

It is designed in a way to deliver and extract high burst output. It is claimed to burst output to 100 times extra than its real capacity. 
Talking about the current, it also provides a very high charge current which is probably 30 to 60 times better and efficient. 
This way one can be assured that it can convert to a single 10A module which will enhance and burst the current up to 1,000A. 
With that, the batter also can accept the charge of about 300A which certainly will be a continuous current charge. 

Close Insight:

There is a built-in 2/0 bussing which has the ability and allowance to take up 4 positions and 4 negative hidden connections, these are direct connections.
The connection will lead to each module without being of any need to the externally exposed bussing. 
Although, it still leaves the 2 very easy to access the top terminal along with a 4 series expansion or parallel expansion terminal. This feature can easily build up a bank to the configuration from 12V, 24V, 36V, or any configuration imaginable

Feature Loaded: 

The single most impressive and unique design offered in this model with 2.4V can allow the installation process to be very flexible and attractive.

With that, you also have the benefit of getting accessories, as the module comes with all the much-needed accessories that can make it more demanding, unique, and classy. 

You do not have to doubt the quality, as it comes with a 1-year warranty that allows the product to work for 1 good year without getting affected. 

Power Modules: 

XS Power Titan8 is such a fabulous series that makes use of high powered and extremely strong lithium cell, which is only to make you experience high burst output. There are not just but ultimately many modules in it that are designed to extract peak power and performance.

Let’s go through each one of them: 

XS POWER Titan8 RSV-S5 12V (Reserved Capacity)
XS POWER Titan8 PWR-S5 12V (Burst Discharge)
XS POWER Titan8 PWR-S6 14V (Burst Discharge) 
XS POWER Titan8 RSV-S7 16V (Reserve Capacity)
XS POWER Titan8 RSV-S6 14V (Reserve Capacity)
XS POWER Titan8 PWR-S7 16V (Burst Discharge)

The Latest XS power Titan Collection with pricing:

There are many models of the XS power titan collection, all of them are extremely versatile considering the performance and power. Let us look at the initial release modules with their pricing and other function. Also, many other exciting options are available with the BCI direct fit modules. These models will be launched soon with added advantages. 

PWR-S5: $688.99
12V, 10Ah, 5,000W – 8,000W
PWR-S6: $804.99
14V, 10Ah, 6,000W – 9,000W
PWR-S7: $919.99
16V, 10Ah, 7,000W – 10,000W
Build with perfection to define Safety & Reliability 

The best part about this is each of the modules has a standard built-in balancing system. With that, it can be upgraded to add the powerful Bluetooth connective which will enable the remote cell monitoring. Not just that it will also widen opportunities for internal temperature sensing, battery health monitoring.

The technological advancement is surely doing great by also allowing to send a notification to any device, be it a tablet or a smartphone when the user has preset any limit towards very important concerns like low voltage, over-temperature, and overcharging too.

Few of the Recommended Module is PWR:

RSV-S5: $747.99
12V, 20Ah, 2,500W – 4,000W
RSV-S6: $885.99
14V, 20Ah, 3,000W – 4,500W
RSV-S7: $1,023.99
16V – 20Ah, 3,500W – 5,000W

BCI Models 51, 51R, 47, 48, 49, 34, 34R, and 65 are going to be launched soon. 

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