There's been a rise in the popularity of dirt biking as more Americans now see it as a perfect game to while away time. This is because you got to play outdoors with your loved ones.

Nonetheless, there's a hitch attached to riding a dirt bike, and that is the pollution it causes. It's been reported that a dirt bike can pollute that air just at the same rate as thirty cars. Well, if you are a die-hard fan of dirt biking and you don't want to harm the planet any longer, you can opt for an electric dirt bike.

Let's face it; not everyone knows what an electric dirt bike is or how to the right one to buy. This is why we include a list of bikes with reviews from users in this article. Firstly, how do electric dirt bikes work?

How Do Electric Dirt Bikes Work?
An electric dirt bike is a bike powered by a battery that can be recharged. It cannot be used on the road, just the traditional dirt bike. These bikes are not as strong as those using gasoline, but it'll great for those who love to ride dirty. 

Most of the electric dirt bikes you see out there are made by Razor; this is because they've been in the game for a long time, and their bikes are always welcomed well by users.

Choosing an Electric Dirt Bike – Factors to Consider

When choosing a Razor dirt bike for kids, the following are a few things to look out for: 

Age: This lets you know the age recommended to ride the bike. But you should know that most manufacturers increase the age limit on bikes. This means 10-year-old kids can ride a bike recommended for 13-year-olds.

Weight: Another thing is the weight of the rider in relation to the amount of weight the bike can carry. This is a vital factor which you should always consider.

Technical Specifications
Weight and size: You should consider the weight of the bike itself as well as the size. Is it big enough to accommodate your kid? You'll see the weight in pounds written among the specifications. 
Materials: You shouldn't forget the materials used in making those bikes. There are parts made of plastic and steel.
Performance: How far can it travel? And at what speed? Many people prefer fast bikes while some think it's best to get a normal speed bike, especially if they are to be used by kids. 
Battery: What is the battery life like? You should know the working hours of the bike when on a full charge. Also, the amount of time it takes to charge is equally important.

Brakes: Safety is important, and you need to make sure the brakes are working perfectly so as to avoid unwanted situations. Check to see if the brakes are suitable for your kid.
Controls: You should know if the bike's speed settings are variable or single.

Value for Money
Price: The price tag placed on the bike. Some manufacturers raise the cost of bikes even if they worth a lot less, so you should take note of this. 
Warranty: We normally heard stories of bikes being faulty at purchase points. This is why you should see if the bike has a warranty.
User reviews: You may not have used the bike before, but some people have. Listening to previous users is a better way to get information on how good a bike is.

Best Electric Dirt Bikes
Below are some of the leading options on the market today when it comes to electric dirt bikes. 

1. Razor MX650 - The best electric dirt bike from Razor

The bike is very fast and the age recommended is 16 years. It weighs 90 pounds and can carry up to 220lbs. Your kids can use it to climb hills and slopes; it's a good dirt bike for different terrains. 

Has warranty
Very strong body
Very convenient and safe
Charging takes too long to charge.

2. SX500 McGarth – The Runner-Up

This model is inspired by the motocross racer, Jeremy McGrath. Children of about 14 years can ride this bike, and some users reportedly state that those younger can actually ride it.

It can carry up to 175 pounds, and this is perfect considering its size of 56 x 36 x 24.5 inches dimension. It weighs 98.2 pounds, but it is not that fast. It's suitable for kids trying to learn how to ride dirt bikes. The price of this bike is on the high side, considering that a better one with more features costs less.

Attractive design
Great for beginners
Very sturdy
Long charging hours
Quite expensive

3. Razor MX350 – Great Budget
This bike can carry up to 140 pounds even though it weighs just 63 pounds, making it one if lightest dirt bikes in this category. It is suitable for kids of about 13 years of age. The bike is not very powerful, so it may not be as fast, and this makes it suitable for learning.

Warranty for 90 days
Convenient to ride
Can't adjust the speed
Does not come with shocks

4. Razor MX500 – Too Expensive
The MX500 is a strong and durable bike from Razor, and it weighs 112 pounds, zero, which makes it quite heavy. Its weight capacity is 175 pounds and is recommended for kids that not older than 11 years. The battery can last up to 40 minutes, giving your kids long playtime. 

Has warranty
Quality frame
Doesn't make noise
Long charging hours
Very expensive
No variable speed settings

5. Razor MX400 – The Underperformer
The MX400 is very expensive, and it doesn't offer the benefits as it should considering its high price. It weighs 62.5 pounds and a weight capacity of 140 pounds; this makes it suitable for kids off 13 years. 

Comes with warranty
Easy to ride
Smaller in size
Has no shocks

The listed dirt bikes above will make sure your kids have a great time outdoors.  You can choose any one of the options above, but we recommend the MX650 as it gives you a run for the money with the features included. Let's know your thought about this in the comment section.